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    Sayra commented on the post, Rise of A.I.

    Dear Yaseen,
    I am surprised to learn that A.I.’s hold so much data. I think that the A.I. might not be so good because if companies start to use them more people would probably lose their jobs. Since they will be replaced by a machine that is way more advanced than humans.

    One sentence that stood out to me was “A.I. tracks and collects massive…Read More

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    Should schools provide days off for mental health?

    In the article " A day off for Mental Health" I read that students have moments where they feel like the whole world is coming down on them. Many teenagers have a long schedule and have to follow the...

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    • Dear Sayra,
      I am moved by your post on should schools provide days off for mental health because it makes sense not a lot of people know that teens need breaks sometimes. So I think it would be really beneficial. I am sure we will see improvements in our grades because we will be able to have time to rest our minds and still do our work on the day off.

      One sentence that stands out to me is “Many teenagers have a long schedule and have to follow the same routine everyday that it gets to the point where is it very hard to handle and keep going” The reason this stood out to me because as a student athlete I know how hard it was to have to do things in a regierous schedule or else I will fall behind in classes and in soccer.

    • I think it would really be helpful for schools to provide days off for mental health because their are some students that might need a break during the week if they can’t complete going to school the whole week because of stress. Giving students the prospect of having days off from mental health can have big benefits. What I also think on the other hand also is mental health days should be once in a while. Mental health shouldn’t be to avoid problems or work from school because skipping important assignments like tests can make the problem worse.

    • Dear Sayra:

      I am very intrigued by your post “Should schools provide days off for mental health?” ,because there are many teenagers out there who are facing high levels of stress. As well as what they agreed on would be a way to relieve their stress.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “It is very difficult to go to school 5 times a week and if there was a way for students to just take a break once and a while to keep their minds healthier, mental health days would be perfect.” I think this is very important because students should focus on mental health because it will help to focus in class better. If they took a break just to focus on their mental health then their stress levels could decrease. 

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because This is an important topic I think everyone should talk about. Everyone should make sure to take care of their health because I think it’s a very important thing in life. 


  • Dear Class,
    I enjoyed reading about Ukraine’s President Zelensky, I believe he is a hero. He truly is a leader for his people, he has done everything in his power to protect them during these times where many have lost hope. His story comes to show how anyone can become someone great in life no matter where you start off.
    Thank you for your…Read More

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    Sayra wrote a new post

    Gen Z

    In the article " What Gen Z Looks Like" I read that Gen Z is the most diverse generation in American history. Many experts say that this generation is poised to change society in enormously positive ways. I read...

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    • Hello Sayra,

      That was interesting information you provided in your post, “Gen Z,” because I didn’t realize how big our generation was nor how diverse it was. It intrigues me to research more about my generation.

      Something that caught my attention was when you said, “I think that Gen Z is capable of many things, even if many people don’t agree with it.” Why do you believe that? And what kind of arguments are made against this claim, even though some experts have agreed with your claim?

      Thank you for your writing, I hope to hear more from you because of your interest in these kinds of topics. Hopefully, we can both learn something new about our generation.

    • Hello Sayra

      I didn’t realize Gen Z impacted today’s society as we focus on making things better since our generation knows a lot about today’s society.

      What caught my attention was “many are aware of global problems” this caught my attention because back then people didn’t really know as much about global problems as our generation does.

      Thanks for writing this as this makes me wanna learn more about Gen z in the future and what we accomplished.

  • Dear Valeria
    Your post is interesting it got me thinking, I would prefer having breaks in the school year every now and then because it takes off the stress I have.
    A sentence that caught my attention is ¨Having school all year-long will not create an extension of how many days we attend but it’ll only create much shorter and more frequent br…Read More

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