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    This is also a topic I have been looking into extensively. I have found that one of the reasons for the electoral college is a compromise between the people voting and the congress voting, because many people did not believe that slave’s votes should count. Great post! I like your third party explanation of the electoral college. Very…[Read more]

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    I agree it would be nice for teens to be able to sleep in, but I do wonder about after school activities. By the time we got out and were able to have games and meets it may be dark out and that is a bit inconvenient for seeing. Do you have a plan for this? Even if students were excused early from class that may solve the problem, but…[Read more]

  • Since the start of this election process I have been angry. Mostly from the moment the party nominations were announced I have felt sad and disappointed. Our country is a democracy, yet very few liked the

    • Nice post, Haley! I was wondering if you think that a change like the ones you mentioned are really possible? What I mean is, if the constitution was amended to change the election process, do you think that the two major parties (and the minor parties as well) would accept the new change or would they bicker and fight amongst themselves? In my opinion, you have a good base of information for your research paper. Keep it up!

  • After insane elections where one candidate will win the popular vote, yet not win the presidency has forced the U.S. to revisit the election process. Such a system does not truly show democracy. Our United

    • Hi Haley,
      First of all, great post. You made really great points about the flaws of our modern elector system. In my eyes there are two major (almost fatal) flaws with our system. One is that it violates the one person, one vote rule, which should be the proper rule of a modern democracy, because the addition of two electors to each state for its senators produces significant distortions in how much our individual vote is worth from state to state.
      The second problem is the whole battleground swing state issue. Once we’re past the primaries, presidential campaigns are preoccupied with the relatively small number of states that are actually competitive. But their competitiveness is just a demographic accident. There’s nothing special about them except that their populations happen to be fairly evenly divided from a sociological standpoint. The electoral college seems to defeat the whole point of the democratic principles that this country was built on. But, at the same time, this is the system that has been in effect since the dawn of our democracy and has elected some our best and our worst leaders. Until there is change to it, we should respect the system our founding fathers put into place while still fighting for a true democracy under the popular vote.

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  • Every four years outrageous amounts of money are spent on annoying propaganda for basically only two presidential candidates. American elections are practically just a competition of who has more money–the

  • Hello Rylan!

    I can totally get where you are coming from. Horrible people deserve to pay for their actions. I don’t believe that getting the death penalty will stop murderers from murdering. The only place where it will possibly prevent people from doing their dirty deeds would be if this was extended to different crimes, such as rape. But this…[Read more]

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    One of the hottest topics of discussion is the subject of abortion. This is an issue that many people have strong opinions on. The two main sides of the debate are pro-life and pro-choice.

    Pro-life defenders

    • Rylan replied 3 years ago

      I appreciate that you presented both sides of the argument in an unbiased way. It allows the reader to develop their own opinion on the topic through both your own words and the two articles that you left. I would have to say that I am a “pro-life” supporter. I think your final question is interesting and that the answer to it will change dramatically depending on who you ask.

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      I enjoyed reading both sides of the argument. It left me thinking about how most of the issues that come up in most countries are tied with religious people and non-religious.

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    In elementary school my parents took me on a trip to California. This trip was the first long trip I can remember taking, along with the first plane ride I could remember (my baby trip to Mexico does not

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