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    I love how you assembled your letters and the background you used for this. In your final you can talk about the advancements we have today compared to back in the days. I feel like you can take this quote far and even talk about cars which I know you love very much. This quote is well suited for you and I’m interested to see where it t…

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  • Paul Hankins
  • Savannah posted a new activity comment

    I love the quote you selected for our project it really ties in the times we are going through right now. I absolutely love the background which stands out the most because of all the vibrant colors and unique shapes you have. The assemblage of the quote looks very nice. I am excited to see what you are going to bring out of this quote for…

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  • Abigail,
    I really love the format of your quote and how meaningful the quote you choose is based on the times we are in right now. The background of the page is very different. It is almost like the ground is cracked and broken to pieces, which I really like. The letters you found out of magazines and other places are also a nice input into the…Read More

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  • In room 407 we have been working on a project called “An Assemblage of Ideas”. Here is the quote I have decided to reflect on throughout my project.

    • I love the colors and different pieces you used to put together your background. The emphasis on the word “Hopeful” and how it takes up the full width of the page along with the word “all” stuck out to me. Im interested to see how this quote relates back to you and why you chose it. Overall, great work and I love the way you put the pieces…

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    • I definitely like your design approach to this piece, the different text fonts and variety of colors add to the overall appeal of this work. I like how the two words,”Hopeful” and “All” were the two with the biggest font size and had the most emphasis. I think that they both serve to add to the design very nicely.



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