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What Soccer Really Is About

  Soccer Let’s began with a simple explanation of to what soccer is about. Soccer is a sport game played by two teams of eleven players with a round ball that cannot touch nor your hands or arms during play time except by goalkeepers on each team. The main point on this sport is to score goals against each other […]

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Falling In Love With Soccer

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Why I’m Lazy As Hell

Why am I lazy? Who knows Is it genetic? Who knows I know how important it is But I still don’t do it. I wonder why But who knows. This laziness was a problem Not anymore High School Changed, So did my habit. Laziness is no longer a thing, so is procrastination. Those days are over. My soul can finally […]

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Saul Martinez Nuno – Name Memoir.

My name is what, my name who? My name is…..   My name is Saul Martinez and it originated from the Hebrew name “Sha’ul” which means “asked for, prayed for”. As told in the Old Testament, I share this name with the first king of Israel and with the name of an apostle Paul, whose original name is Saul. On […]

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