Let’s began with a simple explanation of to what soccer is about.

    Soccer is a sport game played by two teams of eleven players with a round ball that cannot touch nor your hands or arms during play ti

  • Dear Angela,

    I enjoyed reading your comic. It showed how passionate you are about art and make up. From which mixing these two, comes up your amazing work. I hope you keep persuading your passion and hope you get far and follow your dreams from doing what you do and love the most.

    -Saul Martinez

  • Dear Chito,

    I can relate to you. My mom’s aunt unfortunately passed away too. I was so close to her that I’ve felt like she was my second mother. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see her neither. Knowing that I wasn’t able to travel back to my home country to visit her makes me mad. So I can somewhat relate to tou as well. One of the things that I…[Read more]

  • Dear Vesna,


  • Saul commented on the post, Making Up 2 years, 3 months ago

    Dear Chava,

    I really wnjoyed your comic memoir “Making Up”.
    It really showed how fearless and supportive you are as a person but as a brother as well. I can relate to you so much in a way that I think we have the same life. I liked your comic for because knowing that you are the middle brother out of all, you showed your maturity and took the…[Read more]

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    Dear Rodrigo Peña Lopez,

    I can see your relation ship is very strong. Not because you’ve explain it but because I’ve seen it. Your memoir was incredible to read and it really amazes me. One thing I really like you said was “I wouldn’t ask for a different brother because Nando is the best brother I’ll ever have”. This was a really strong phras…[Read more]

  • Dear David,

    I had no idea that this happend to you. This comic you created moved my heart. I liked how you and your sibilings stayed together no matter what. Even if the situations is your parents seperating. When you mentioned the phrase “whatever it happens we will always stick together” that just show me how strong your connections are wit…[Read more]

  • Saul commented on the post, Choices 2 years, 4 months ago

    Dear Kris,

    This was a very short but relevant comic memoir in which I enjoyed reading. One thing I really liked was when your parents supported your idea. It showed how supportive and nice your parents are with you. Knowing your for the past fre years, and now reading this really does shows a lot about your identity performance. You’re one of t…[Read more]

  • Dear chata,

    I really enjoyed resding your comic memoir. I can tell that your grandma was a role model to you and that you really took her word with you because of the actions you’ve made. Thanks to her, you stepped up and didn’t let noone disrespect you which I respect because it shows that you are fearless and wouldn’t let anyone to get in your…[Read more]

  • Deae Elliot,

    Well god damn. That was one hell of piece of writing. I really enjoyed reading this because I can somehow relate to what you’re talking about. One phrase I really liked was “sitting here, staring, blank”. I liked this phrase because I’m pretty sure that everyone can relate to this when they need to come up or figure something out. I…[Read more]

  • Saul commented on the post, My Family 2 years, 4 months ago

    Dear David,

    I really enjoy reading all your pieces of work you’ve done so far. They are very nice and creative. I like how you talked about your family and how you were open to talk about it because I know people don’t really like to open up and talk about their family situations. I am amaze of how good your work is and I hope you keep this uo…[Read more]

    • I like the way that you didn’t use sort of like a box on your last drawing. Also I like the story that you shared with your brother on how you started to play.

    • Dear Saul,

      I really like your piece because you talk about your brother and that has to do with family dynamics and you also talk about love and how you love soccer. I only wished that you still enjoyed playing in the rain like you used to. I want to hear more from you life experiences. Pues chido guey.

    • Hey Saul,

      I really liked your piece because it made me smile since I can totally imagine this in my head. Anyway, your picture of the broken arm was really good. I like that you talk about the bond that you and your brother have and how the love between you two created this love that you have for soccer. I could sort of relate to your comic because that is how my brother was with me, he’s what got me to like soccer. Maybe that’s why I really like your comic, which means its really good!!


  • Dear David,

    I can somewhat relate to your poem. Your poem is very creative and it really shows who you really are a person. That one person who appreciates even the little that you have. That is a characteristic a lot of people don’t have and that you should be proud of having. Having this skill will make a better person and you will be able to…[Read more]

  • Dear Vesna,

    I am really impressed to why you wrote about yourself being “Dumb”. I personally will take the sides of you not been dumb but rather to being goofy. I know that you are a very friendly, goofy, and smart person. I do believe that you have more in you than what people think. Knowing you seems like you don’t have to be dumb to be a…[Read more]

  • Dear Enrique,
    I am impressed a about the hard work you’ve put in recently. You really showed that when you are dedicated to something you do it. You don’t let any excuses to get in your way when you are really dedicated. That is something that you should be proud of because not a lot of people have the motivation that you had, to get up and make…[Read more]

  • Dear Rodrigo, I am amazed by your poem. As you do, I do too have a passion for soccer and take games seriously because for me the final scored determines who I am as a player and makes me mad when my team looses because I know I wasn’t good enough for the team. A few of the lines that really stood out to me was the following… ” Dad has always…[Read more]

  • Why am I lazy?

    Who knows

    Is it genetic?

    Who knows

    I know how important it is

    But I still don’t do it.

    I wonder why

    But who knows.

    This laziness was a problem

    Not anymore

    High School

  • I really like how you told the story of your identity of your name and how w=has it impacted you thorough out your life. In both a negative way and positive way. Mostly positive about your name.

  • My name is what, my name who? My name is…..


    My name is Saul Martinez and it originated from the Hebrew name “Sha’ul” which means “asked for, prayed for”. As told in the Old Testament, I share this name wi

    • I really like how you connected your name to other people (celebrities) and how you explained that, that makes you a better person. I also like how you referred your name in a very positive way.

    • Dear Saul Martinez,
      Your history of the name was very unique of where it was from and why your proud of your name. One sentence that stood out to me in your writing was “Personally, I haven’t meet a lot of people with that name. Knowing this makes me feel like my name is unique and from there, I can push myself to le the world know the name Saul.” I can connected with you because my name is not very common for people to have and I haven’t meet someone with the same name as me as well. But I believe that it’s very unique that many people don’t have the same name as but it makes people easier to remember you and recognize you. In your writing you talked about how family is great and how you name is important. I agree with this because having a name can be important to represent who you are and family is important with your name because there the one that named you and it’s important for them to. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your writing is powerful. But your writing has helped me realize that our names is very important to us because it’s how you introduce yourself to and how you represent yourself.

    • Dear Saul,

      I found your name memoir really interesting and the meaning behind your name. One line that I really liked was, “On modern days, I share this name with celebrity that motivates me to do physically better on any kind on sport. Such as one on the best boxer worldwide, Saul “El canelo” Alvarez”. I find it cool that you share the same name as Canelo. I can kinda relate because I also share the same name as Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lawrence. I can’t wait to see what you write next keep up the good work!

      Sincerely, Jennifer

    • Dear Saul,
      I really like how you introduce yourself in the beginning because most people just be like hi my name is and then start talking about their life and where they come from. I like the fact that you gave a meaning of your name because most people don’t have meanings to their name and I think people with meaning to their name is outstanding. I’m very impressed with your writing and I also like how you connected your name with a worldwide boxer because you both have the same name and it’s actually really cool to have the same name as a celebrity or professional boxer. I like when you started “Sharing names with important people motivates every time I see those people out in the field to push myself even further than my limit” because it shows that you are very extraordinary and like to challenge yourself and I think that’s amazing.
      Sincerely, Shania Brown

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