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Shakespeare’s Othello

Desdemona 1.3.208-218 Father, I have divided responsibilities: I am bound to you because of my life and education; My life and education have both taught me How to respect you, you are the lord of duty; I am your daughter: but he is my husband, And my mother showed you so much duty She preferred you before her own father, […]

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Professional Athletes are Underpaid

Contrary to popular belief, professional athletes are actually underpaid. We all know that professional athletes make millions and millions of dollars to play a sport in front of the whole country, but when you compare how much athletes make to other entertainers in the business like singers or actors, they are widely underpaid, especially when you take into consideration the […]

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Does the level of education play a role in the present day wage gap in the United States?

Does the level of education play a role in the present day wage gap in the United States?   It is no secret that there is a wage gap in the United States between male and female workers. We have seen the wage gap present in all kinds of jobs; teaching, engineering, factory working, business and management, etc. But why […]

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Are salaries equal throughout professional sports?

It is no secret that women and men are paid differently even though they are doing the same exact thing. Female doctors, actors, teachers, managers, etc. are paid less than their male coworkers. Women in the Finance and Insurance make $48,800 whereas men in the same industry make $68,800, ultimately $20,000 more than women. Likewise, in Educational Services, women make […]

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Are professional athletes overpaid?

The average professional basketball player in the NBA makes around $5.15 million a year while the average professional baseball player in the MLB makes about $3.2 million a year. Is this an excessive amount for anyone to make, no matter their profession? The highest paid doctor will average a little over $500,000 a year, and the median household only makes […]

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Opiates in Our Backyard

The United States is in the midst of the largest opiate and heroin epidemic ever. The epidemic has caused an alarming rate of drug overdoses, deaths, and hospitalizations. It is also alarming because he reaches ever demographic; every race, gender, age, and region. A social works blog said, “abuse of and addiction to opioids such as heroin, morphine, and prescription […]

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Are we too caught up in the trivial things in life?

I believe as a society, we care about too many things in our life that should not matter or affect our daily lives. We care too much about celebrities and sports, buying nice things, and impressing people. We think more about how other people perceive us than how we treat others or ourselves. If you were to log onto any […]

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Has technology helped or harmed the development of the world?

Has technology helped or harmed the development of the world? I believe that technology has helped AND harmed the development of the world. I think that the world has made great advances in medical technology because without it, many people would not have the resources that they need for their medical history. However, I also think that technology such as […]

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Do leaders have moral obligations?

I think that leaders do in fact have moral obligations. As a leader, it is their responsibility to set an example for those they are leading and to always do the right thing. But what is morality? Morality are the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. Morals do not have to be religious or […]

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What makes you happy?

I think that most people are happy when they are doing things they love or are with people they love. For myself, I know I am my happiest when I’m playing volleyball or spending time with my family and friends. However, I am also happy when I’m doing other things or am experiencing other things. For instance, I am happy […]

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Connect with a Photographer

When the class had Angie Monsen talk to us about how she takes pictures and edits them after, I learned a lot. Angie did not use much of Photoshop in her pictures, but relied on LightRoom to send her finished products to her customers. I thought this was cool because she didn’t edit her pictures much, but instead made sure […]

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Toy Story

When taking these pictures, I thought it would be cool to have the pictures telling a story. It was challenging to get a story in just three pictures and to play with the depth of field. I think that because the toys I chose were military action figures, creating the story of their journey was easier than if the toy […]

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Important Person-Cordova

The important person I took portraits of is Coach Cordova. He is important to the community because he coaches our football team and teaches some of our physical education classes. Coach Cordova also helps student whenever he can. He is always in the hallways, with a smile on his face and making jokes. In the portraits I took, I tried […]

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