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    I have divided responsibilities:

    I am bound to you because of my life and education;

    My life and education have both taught me

    How to respect you, you are the lord of duty;


  • Contrary to popular belief, professional athletes are actually underpaid. We all know that professional athletes make millions and millions of dollars to play a sport in front of the whole country, but when you

    • Olivia,
      this is a very interesting topic to be researching, especially considering the fact that people most times wouldn’t look in the professional sports world for pay inequality. I found a lot of articles on the difference in pay between male professional athletes and female professional athletes. I did find one article that covers this issue in soccer http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/1468-0297.00599/full. I think that this is a great topic to cover and I want to read more from you in the future.

  • Mason,
    I really enjoyed your post. I remember studying the bystander effect in psychology but think you explained it in a much more straightforward and meaningful way. I thought it was productive that you started off with explaining what the bystander effect and social influence was, and even better when you gave a day to day example. I think the…[Read more]

  • Reagan,
    I thought your post was very interesting and well written. I find it interesting that you said parents spend more time helping their kid when they are younger than when they are older. I would think this would be the opposite because the work gets harder and more complex the farther along you are in school. It is also disheartening that…[Read more]

  • Anna, I thought this post was extremely well written and researched, I genuinely enjoyed reading it. I liked how you discussed the issues with improving universal health care and that you said people on both sides of the matter agree that change needs to be made. Thank you for your post! You may enjoy this article for future research:…[Read more]

  • Ronnie, there are so many things that I agree with from your post. I liked how you said the issue of reproductive rights use to be “black and white”. It also frustrated me that there are two sides to this argument but neither side cares to make much progress with this issue. You may find this article helpful with future research: htt…[Read more]

  • Does the level of education play a role in the present day wage gap in the United States?


    It is no secret that there is a wage gap in the United States between male and female workers. We have seen the

    • Liv, I really enjoyed this because this is something that is relevant in our lives as women. I agree that we need to start being paid the same as men because it is only fair. We work just as hard or even harder and we still aren’t recognized for our duties. Here is an article that I found about the wage gap: https://www.aauw.org/research/the-simple-truth-about-the-gender-pay-gap/

    • Olivia,I am in awe of your insight. This is a question that I wished in 2018 we would not have to ask. I liked the fact that you included research and statistics of how women are excelling in education, “women were projected to get 58% of masters and bachelor’s degrees, and over half of PhD degrees for the 2011-2012 academic year”; yet still get paid less than men. The sad part is that in some industries, women who have higher degrees than their male counterparts still get paid less. How can this change? Will it ever change?

  • Sara,
    I really enjoyed your post and thought it was very timely because of all the occurrences of public shootings, especially those done by kids in schools. I liked how you described our right to own guns as an “outdated amendment”, I could not agree more. The second amendment was put in place by our founding fathers after they revolted aga…[Read more]

  • Treyvone,
    I really enjoyed your post and agree with everything you said. I found it interesting that you said we are becoming desensitised to the world around us at the beginning. I think that when we are accustomed to seeing certain things everyday, that we may not see if we did not have technology, we become used to it and do not necessarily…[Read more]

  • It is no secret that women and men are paid differently even though they are doing the same exact thing. Female doctors, actors, teachers, managers, etc. are paid less than their male coworkers. Women in the

  • Emily,
    I really enjoyed this post because I often hear people say they have OCD as a joke. This post shows how serious OCD really is and that it is not a joking matter. Having you room clean all the time or being a neat freak does not make someone OCD. When you explained that the rituals help those with OCD cope with other, maybe violent thought,…[Read more]

  • I thought this topic was very interesting because many of us will be attending college in the Fall and may have to consider taking out a loan. I, too, agree that while student loans are a pain and may seem too expensive, they are worth it to complete college and find a well paying job. The point at the end was also very strong about assessing what…[Read more]

  • The average professional basketball player in the NBA makes around $5.15 million a year while the average professional baseball player in the MLB makes about $3.2 million a year. Is this an excessive amount for

    • This has a strong statement about if athletes are overpaid or not.

    • This has a strong statement about if athletes are overpaid or not.

    • This has a strong statement about if athletes are overpaid or not.

    • MAN, who cares. That’s how life works. As long as you make enough to maintain your family, you’re good.

    • Hi Olivia, I think this is a great topic and I found your post very interesting. I really liked that you included some real numbers in your post to illustrate the spectrum of salaries between a professional athlete, to a doctor, to an average income household, I felt seeing the actual difference in numbers helped to really get the point across and it definitely stuck out to me. I also liked how you addressed both sides of the argument, both that professional athletes get paid too much, and the other side that says their salaries are justified. This is one article that I thought did a good job of comparing both sides of the argument and thought it could be helpful – https://thetylt.com/sports/do-professional-athletes-make-too-much-money – I look forward to hearing more from you on this topic.

    • Hey Olivia! This is a very interesting topic to me, and I think you presented both sides very well. I hadn’t thought of some of the points you had brought up, such as how they pay out of pocket for health issues. In a country with such extreme income inequality, it can be hard to justify someone making so much money, but like you said, there is a rhyme and reason to it. Another argument you could use if the amount of time they spend practicing (for years!) justifies their huge salaries. You could also expand on comparing athletes of different sports. Here is an interesting article discussing the two sides to your debate!

      I look forward to your other writing!

    • This has a strong statement about if athletes are overpaid or not

    • Dear Olivia:

      I am very intrigued about your post,”Are professional athletes overpaid” because to me, it seems like you are hating on their jobs. They worked hard to make it to the top, and be who they are now. Like I said before, as long as you yourself are living good, then there shouldn’t be a problem. At times though, I do think they receive a bit too much money but it is what is. Good article though.

    • Dear Olivia,
      I am amazed about your post, “Are professional athletes overpaid?,” because you included facts and numbers to show your point of view of this topic of sports pay versus average jobs. Also I liked how you compared a doctors salary over a year to professional athletes salary over a year.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Athletes make money for a much shorter time than any other profession, so they need to make as much money as they can in that short time. ” I think this is great because… <you talk about a short career which means that athletes can only play sports for only so many years, basically saying father time catches up to you so have to make the money while you still can. Also having a career like being a doctor can be a lifetime job until you retire and call it quits and make great money for a longer period.
      Another sentence that I liked was “An insurance company is not going to cover a professional athlete, but pro athletes get injured more than someone working a 9-5 job. So, professional athletes have to pay out of pocket for knee surgery, rehabilitation, medications, etc. Another reason for the extreme salaries is their short career.” This stood out for me because, once your injured in any sport as a professional athlete you have to pay for your recovery and rehab just for you to someday soon get back to playing sports but sometimes may recover but will not be able to play sports ever again.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your blog was very interesting for me I loved how you detail your blog thoroughly. Also the comparison between athletes and normal jobs.

    • Olivia, I can not agree with you more on this argument. The lineman protecting our quarterback are making more money then the men in Afghanistan, fighting to protect our country. Something is not right but sadly we can not do anything about it since we are the cause for professional athletes salaries being so high. I wish we could do something to make the salaries of jobs that actually mean something go up.

    • Hi Olivia, I do believe that they are overpaid personally and as someone who watches a ton of sports I think about this alot. We as a society place such a emphisis on athletics that on the super bowl sunday 4 million will only buy you 30 seconds. We need to have some kind of reform in all the legues and have an expation of the charities these Associations run. The top has so much money in these organizations and they sit on it and aren’t doing much to better society.
      Thanks, Simon

    • Hi Olivia, I found your article very interesting. I do believe athletes are very much so overpaid. Yes they are perfectionist at their craft but at what cost. Some basketball players will have a good season get paid a 10 million dollar contract not including endorsements and other outside income and not do much else in here career. I believe we need to value other figures on our society much more than athletes. They are entertainers, but there are other people in society struggling to make a leaving while athletes are living in the top 5%. They do deserve money for their hard work and dedication, but I believe sports should be based of commission. If you contribute to your team at a high level pay them, but if you are getting paid to sit on the bench, I think that money can go else where to help others in need.

    • I definitely agree that professional athletes are over paid. However, their salary is reflective of how much revenue they bring to their team, sport, organization, etc. I had never considered the lack of insurance for professional players. You made good points that represent both sides of the argument.

    • Olivia,
      I think this post touches on the overall wage gap in America, with the top 1% holding a huge majority of the Money in the US. While professional athletes are typically within that top 1%, your concern doesn’t seem to be with the overall economic makeup of American society. You seem to be wondering if Pro athletes re making “too much” for what they do. While this is a matter of opinion, I think you do a great job in demonstrating many perspectives.
      There are lots of articles on this topic, but this one was particularly interesting- https://thetylt.com/sports/do-professional-athletes-make-too-much-money


    • Olivia,
      I like how near the end of your writing you explain why the players receive more money than most. I never thought there we legitimate reasons that they got paid as much as they do. However, I still don’t think they should be paid as much as they are. As you said they make around $5.15 million a year, where some people don’t even make that in a lifetime. Instead of giving them so much money, I think doctors and teachers should make more. Doctors are saving people’s lives every day and teachers are shaping our next generation. An article I found that you might like that says 61% of people think athletes make too much money. The url is http://www.debate.org/opinions/do-athletes-make-too-much-money
      Thank you for sharing your story.

    • I see my recent comment being on the trash, I don’t know how that happened at all, hopefully you didn’t delete it, thank you have a nice day!

    • Olivia,
      I really liked how you explained why athletes may need to paid more for insurance, injury, and career span reasons. Its something that we often don’t think about when we talk about how much athletes get paid. I think we look at the number and can’t even fathom how much money that is, but after tax, surgeries, and other expenses it can be justified. https://fee.org/articles/athletes-salaries-too-high-sports-fans-blame-yourselves/ explained that its the fans fault for showing so much support and buying tickets and merchandise so the athletes have the ability to be paid more.

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  • Ishak,
    I really enjoyed your post. You title caught my attention because I think people do not think about expanding their mind by learning new languages to further their education about the word we live in. Learning new languages will certainly help you become more intelligent and understand why certain things happen in the world. You may enjoy…[Read more]

  • Ronnie,
    I thought your post was great! You introduced the topic well, followed it up with facts, and ended with your stand. I enjoyed reading the facts and learning more about the topic and I think it is great that you put a quote in from President Obama. You may appreciate this article in your future research:…[Read more]

  • The United States is in the midst of the largest opiate and heroin epidemic ever. The epidemic has caused an alarming rate of drug overdoses, deaths, and hospitalizations. It is also alarming because he reaches

    • Hey Olivia, I was intrigued by your post, This story hits home for me because many within my family have to take medication such as those that you listed for the pain they have to deal with everyday. And the fact that we have an epidemic for the over usage of such drugs scares me. I’ve always hoped they were doing something about this. Do you know of any programs or if our government or any hospitals are responding to this?

    • Olivia, you have made some great points. One thing I have heard about is it that doctors often prescribe more doses than are necessary. And like you said the medication is so addictive. That is one thing that could be a positive change-only give the minimum number of doses.

  • Bo,
    This was very interesting to me because of the book, “The Great Gatsby”. I do not think achieving the American Dream is possible because of the way the US is set up. However, I do agree that the American Dream looks different for everyone, so maybe the American Dream is possible to some. You may find this article interesting and may help with…[Read more]

  • Kira,
    I found this article very insightful and I agree that many Americans are not taking well to Trump’s presidency and are lashing out violently. I do not think him reversing the right to hunt extinct animals was morally acceptable. I am not, nor ever have been, a fan of hunting. People call it a sport, but I believe that both teams should be…[Read more]

  • I believe as a society, we care about too many things in our life that should not matter or affect our daily lives. We care too much about celebrities and sports, buying nice things, and impressing people. We

    • Hey!
      I like your last statement, in the third paragraph. “Why am I doing this? And does it matter?” This question has probably ran through thoughts of my own. When I am partaking in certain actions, or deciding between two things this has actually been a useful tactic I’ve used to analyze the “why’s” and “so’s” and “because” in my life.
      I think more people could ask themselves these self evaluating questions to determine what’s important to them, rather than getting blinded my shallow, mediocre activities- or people.

    • Olivia,
      Your claim in the first paragraph is very interesting, and I would like to examine some other sides to what you said: “We think more about how other people perceive us than how we treat others or ourselves”. Firstly, how people perceive us is, at least in part, affected by how we treat other people. Of course, that can be positive or negative, depending on who you associate with, but the only way to not care about interacting with other people would be to live as a self-sufficient hermit somewhere very far removed from civilization. Second, I would argue that in modern times it is harder to not take care of yourself than it is to take care of yourself. The advertisements that you noticed are an interesting example of social media pushing people to “take care” of themselves – which you noted in your analysis of the Huffington Post’s article.

      I think your observation at the end – that the world would be a bit better if everyone considered their actions a bit more – is remarkable. Reading http://bigthink.com/think-tank/slow-down-you-think-too-fast may interest you. It examines a bit of how people make decisions, the effect part of the advertising industry that many people don’t or refuse to recognize.

    • Olivia,
      I really enjoyed your post, and I feel that this is very interesting and relevant to our society today. We are caught up in the materialistic part of our world, and too concerned with other peoples lives instead of our own. I like how you asked questions like “Why do we think we need what everyone else has? Why do you need to get the newest thing as soon as it comes out? Why do we feel the need to always impress people?” because I feel this is very true. And I feel it is very visable in my own life today, I am very involved in other peoples lives, and or seeing what do items are coming out this month. And I remember being in Thailand, where people care more about themselves, and don’t care what is coming out. It was very visible how happy they were, and so I am wondering if you think that if you are very involved in a materialistic world, if you are less likely to be happy. I loved your post, and I’m excited to read more!

    • Olivia Sauer!
      I agree that the norm in today’s society is to flaunt what you have no matter how minimal while others are left in awe. You brought up some great points like asking why it even matter’s and why are you doing this, and it has really made me think. Why do I need to show off on snapchat or on instagram that I am out having a good time? Has that really become the social norm? While I was thinking about this questions, I came across a website that has great information to look more into this topic if you are interested! https://www.huffingtonpost.com/marianna-glynska/are-you-hooked-the-impact_b_6872962.html

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