• Has technology helped or harmed the development of the world?

    I believe that technology has helped AND harmed the development of the world. I think that the world has made great advances in medical technology

  • Nick,
    I think this is my favorite article I have read so far. You gave your opinion about the topic but then backed up your thought process with hard evidence and sited all of your sources. I agree that college athlete should not be paid because of the tuition break they are already receiving and the fact that it will take away from what college…[Read more]

  • Hi Fred,
    I really enjoyed your post and am happy you chose such an important issue in todays society, especially in the United States. Your first paragraph was great because you tied it into a current event but left your questions to be vague enough that they could be used for any issues in today’s world. The information you provided in your…[Read more]

  • I really liked that you chose this topic to write about and how you tied it into the homeless population we have today. I liked that you listed what you wanted to know about the issue and then showed what you found out about it while you researched. It was also interesting to read about the types of programs that help people and what they target…[Read more]

  • I found this topic interesting because I have lived in Utah my whole life. You can most definitely tell that most people in Utah have very similar beliefs, whether it is because of religion or not. It would be interesting to see the small sectors in Utah that are red or blue. I also liked how you talked about having different opinions helps us…[Read more]

  • Wow! This was very mind bending but very intriguing! While reading I tried to define “nothing” in my own terms and found just how hard it is to not use the word “something” or another word along those lines. How did you come up with a question this abstract and complex? I also liked how you tied religion into it and how so many people can believe…[Read more]

  • I think that leaders do in fact have moral obligations. As a leader, it is their responsibility to set an example for those they are leading and to always do the right thing. But what is morality? Morality are

    • I agree that our leaders have the responsibility to be morally right and to also be politically correct. If our leader doesn’t have good moral values such as not accepting those who don’t fit into the “norm” than what does that say about America? Our leaders should be some of the most politically correct and morally right people, but for that to happen we must elect people that have those qualities.

  • Amran,
    I think it is great that you chose a topic to research that means something to you because your family owns a small business. You did a great job laying out the benefits of having small businesses and how they benefit the economy. I think it would be good to talk about how the bigger businesses harm smaller businesses. Here is a link that…[Read more]

  • Javier, I think this is a great topic to research. Your evidence for your claim is very good, however I think it would be beneficial to focus a little more on the ties to crime and poverty in California. You did a nice job of explaining poverty and how it effects people. This article,…[Read more]

  • Hi Breyner, all of your statistics were very interesting to me. You seem to feel strongly about fixing the problem that is present day poverty with our youth, which is very admirable. What do you think would be a good solution to help the youth in poverty today and what do you think we can do to prevent the growing population in poverty?

  • Hi Anna, I really liked how you talked about happiness and the happiest place in the world. I too, wrote about happiness. I thought it interesting that you said the happiest place in the world is different for each person because what one person likes, is not necessarily what another person likes. Do you think there is a place in the world where…[Read more]

  • I think that most people are happy when they are doing things they love or are with people they love. For myself, I know I am my happiest when I’m playing volleyball or spending time with my family and friends. H

    • Alex replied 2 months ago

      Dear Olivia, I am proud of your work and on how you did it while spending your time doing this good argument. The sentence that stands out to me is “are happy when they are doing things they love or are with people they love.” I do agree with you about how you explained that how people can be happy with the things they love or love doing and love spending time with their loved ones. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you are a really good writer and good at explaining things.

    • I am satisfied with your post, they way you explain your happiness makes me understand that you have different ways to be happy. ” So what is happiness? I think it differs for each person because everyone has different interests and hobbies. What someone finds happiness from might be someone else’s least favorite thing.” This explanation, shows how people are different from each other, and even happiness are different. ”Another study talked about the ways we can reach happiness by our own standards: optimism, achievement, integrity, and humor. When we are doing things we know are right and that benefit not only ourselves but others, we are more likely to be happy because we know we are giving back. Those with humor have a sense of fun and are not afraid to laugh at themselves.” We can also chose to be happy, sometimes our self esteem can lead to our happiness.

    • Dear Olivia,
      I was very interested in your work because it really expresses human nature and human’s need for happiness and how each person perceives happiness. One thing that stood out to me would be when you said, “If you are able to laugh at yourself, it shows you are secure in who you and shows a reduced sense of worry.” I actually disagree with this statement, reason being, I myself are victim to laughing at myself and I know many people that do the same where they don’t make fun of themselves because they feel comfortable with who they are but it is that they are aware of their insecurities and see laughing at themselves as a way to escape their own pain and doubt within themselves. So from what I’ve experienced and seen, I feel like the ability to laugh at yourself is more of a way to express the doubt you may have within yourself, but not seeing it as a negative but as a coping mechanism type of positive.
      Brandon Rangingisan

    • Dear Olivia, I think this is interesting because in this world there are many opportunities or options that can make one happy. I liked the fact that you described how happiness is like a feeling that generates pleasure to your physical and mental features. I agree with the idea that the little things are considered to be one of the best way to generate happiness.

    • Dear Olivia,
      Your work made me so happy and satisfied because as you were explaining it made me realize that I myself am a very happy person. I try to cheer others up as well by being there, caring about them and goofing off in front of them. A quote that stood out to me was, “Science has shown that there are common things that make many people happy: caring about other people, exercising, having pets, volunteering, and even not thinking too hard about being happy.” This quote caught my attention due to the fact that I can relate to almost all of the things listed. I enjoy caring for others and having my two pets with me everyday and seem to feel a little gloomy when I am away from them for too long. Thank you for sharing your post with studies to back up your thinking, I like how you wrote about a topic that may vary in nearly everyone’s life around one point or another.

  • When the class had Angie Monsen talk to us about how she takes pictures and edits them after, I learned a lot. Angie did not use much of Photoshop in her pictures, but relied on LightRoom to send her finished

  • Olivia wrote a new post, Toy Story 7 months ago

    When taking these pictures, I thought it would be cool to have the pictures telling a story. It was challenging to get a story in just three pictures and to play with the depth of field. I think that because the

    • Hello Olivia! Nice work. I wish the pictures were bigger so that I could see them more clearly, but what I can see of them really spoke to me and depicted a story. Do you think that different readers may interpret this piece differently than others? Why or why not? Thank you for sharing your work!

  • The important person I took portraits of is Coach Cordova. He is important to the community because he coaches our football team and teaches some of our physical education classes. Coach Cordova also helps student

    • Dear Olivia,
      I really enjoyed reading the reasoning behind why you picked to person that you picked. I think that in order to be a great coach you have to be engaged in the community. To me Coach Cardova sounds like a great coach. I really liked how you took the picture in a place that is related to what he does. Great Photo!

    • Olivia,
      I deeply enjoyed your post as it is showing off one of the positively minded people you have in your school. It is great to have an adult to talk to in school, who you can just lay everything out to unfiltered. I play football as well and know how down to Earth some coaches can be, but when it comes to study and preparation they are as serious as you can get. Thank you for your post I found it very enlightening!

    • Olivia,I really enjoyed your post. Coaches are often very important people in communities, as they influence the development of their athletes in so many different ways. I enjoyed reading about why you chose Coach Cordova as your subject, and why you photographed him where you did. Thank you for sharing your picture with us.

    • Olivia, I liked your post. In an age where kids spend more and more time away from home and less time with their parents, Coaches can be an important source of wisdom and attitude. Without positive role models, kids can end up passive-aggressive, misguided, and suffer from a lack of confidence. Coach Cordova looks like a good guy, and your school is lucky to have him.

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    While studying Jimmy Nelson’s photography and techniques for his portraits, I saw that he changed his depth of field depending on what he was trying to draw attention to in his pictures. For his portraits, he would use a shallow depth of field to blur out the background and keep the attention on the person. But for his group photos, his depth of f…[Read more]

  • While studying Jimmy Nelson’s photography and techniques for his portraits, I saw that he changed his depth of field depending on what he was trying to draw attention to in his pictures. For his portraits, he w

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