• SarayOCHS
High School Stress View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • May 10, 2022

Dear Fernando, l I agree with your post, ¨High School Stress” because any final assessments or projects can be really stressful for students, and in some cases it can really harm some students more than others. I think that it is important to know how to handle stress and ways...

Dear Valarie,  I am impressed by your post, “Should schools be allowed to control student's media post” because it is interesting the way students react on social media. Many times there are students who do things out of anger but students must learn to control what they post. One sentence you...

Dear Isabella: I am surprised by your post, ¨What Does Too Much Screen Time Do To Children's Brains¨ because it is surprising how too much screen can affect behavioral, social, sleep, vision, physical, and weight problems. This is a problem because children are too young to begin and have these...

Dear Arual, I am impressed by your post, “To protect black women and save America from itself, elect Black women” because it is impressive how nowadays, we see a lot more Black women holding political office and it’s inspiring. There are now more votes toward women after so much racism...

Hate Crime View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • March 4, 2022

Dear Raniyah: I completely agree with your post, “Hate Crime” because till this day segregation is still going on and people seem to still do nothing about it. African Americans are always put in the lower class and it doesn't seem fair. It doesn't seem fair for kids to live...

To an owl View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • February 13, 2022

Dear Ella I am impressed by your post “To an Owl” Your connections to Greek mythology were fantastic, and they helped you convey the owl's dilemma perfectly. Great way of explaining what the owl is experiencing. One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is "ancient bones,"...

More than makeup and flowers View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • January 19, 2022

Dear Jasmine, I like your post, “More than makeup and flowers” It explains well enough how you are proud to be a Latina. I like how you explain you love being part of a Mexican family. Your box represents everything you said about your life, thoughts, and opinion.  One sentence...

GET TO KNOW ME View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • January 13, 2022

Dear Cristin, I am amazed about your post “This is who I am” because I am amazed about everything you do on a daily basis whether it is just you or with family. I like how you constantly like learning things and talking about your past as well.  One sentence...

Tattoos and Their Controversies View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • November 8, 2021

Dear Alexis: I am impressed by your post, “Tattoos and Their Controversies,” because any tattoo can say a lot about a person. No matter the size, shape, or intensity a tattoo can be really meaningful. Tattoos can mean a message without needing to say a word.  One sentence that stood out...

Celebrities and Public Standards View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • November 7, 2021

Dear Isabella,  I am startled by your post, “Celebrities and Public Standards,” because many people don't understand the pressure a celebrity can have. It may be hard for celebrities to look ‘famous’ because most of the time they want to please people instead of being their own self. One sentence you...

Glasses View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • November 7, 2021

Dear Nicole:  I am impressed by your post, “Glasses” because glasses can affect how we see the world. Wearing or not wearing glasses is okay. But wearing glasses can have cons like having a headache, sore eye, or weaken eyesight.  One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is:...

Does SpongeBob make you dumber? View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • October 4, 2021

Dear Alex,   I am surprised by your post, “Does Spongebob make you dumber?” because I didn’t think a show affected kids in a bad way. I thought a cartoon show was simply for a kid to get distracted watching what they like to watch. One sentence that stands out to me...

  • @SarayOCHS
  • October 4, 2021

Dear Saniya,  I am inspired by your post, “WE NEED TO CHANGE,” because it is important as a community to understand that everyone is unique in their own way. I agree we should all be treated with equality regardless of who we are.  One sentence that stands out to me is:...

Dear Stephanie,  I am shocked by your post, “The Pros and Cons of Working as a Veterinarian,” because I didn’t think working as a veterinarian would have any cons in the first place. I thought it was just about saving animals' lives.  One sentence you wrote that stands out to...

Life in New York View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • September 13, 2021

Dear, Nile Gayle  I am impressed by your post, “Life In New York,” because it is really thoughtful to care about students' success and help them in ways for them to pass English exams or essays. Students' education is really important just like teachers teaching. One sentence you wrote that...

Talking to the Sun View Comment
  • @SarayOCHS
  • August 25, 2021

Dear Bethzy: I am sad after reading your poem, “Talking to the sun” because I am a teenager soon to become an adult. I am not sure if I am prepared for what the future has for me but will have to be ready. And until those days come I...

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