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    Sara commented on the post, My childhood

    Dear Heather:
    I am loving your poem, “my childhood,” because of how much a can relate to it on a personal level. it makes me reminisce on the past and makes me kinda miss early middle school.
    One line that stands out for me is, “I remember getting stains from Crayola markers on my fingers”. I think this line is amusing because this used to happ…Read More

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    months of quarantine

    I remember the realization that I might not be seeing my friends for a while. I remember Tuesday and Wednesday blending together. I remember having no motivation to do school work. I remember staying in my bed. I...

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    • Hi Sara, I like your post because it is a reflection of today. It has been months since Covid-19 has been around and it seemed to interrupt and destroy people’s lives. Around the world, many families have lost love ones, people losing jobs, no money to pay bills, etc. I can agree with a lot of your “I remember….” It seemed to be a long time ago when we had the freedom of going out or having the energy to do something. But now it is completely the opposite. Everything will get back to normal, just have to give it some time but stay safe and remember to wear your mask to stop the spread of Covid-19.

    • Hello Sara, I appraise your post because it really reflect my time during the worldwide pandemic and other things that were happening. Many have felt the misery more during this time. I remember so much that has happened. But everything will soon return to normal, somewhat. Stay safe and please wear the mask.

    • Dear Sara,
      I enjoyed and related to things you mentioned remembering about the start of quarantine. staying in bed and not really paying attention to school. I finished my junior year doing packages of work that had to be done every week. I also remembered waiting for summer but after I remembered why I never looked forward to summer despite the months we get off I can’t stand the heat. it’s really interesting seeing someone else’s perspective of quarantine.
      – Cynthia

    • Dear Sara, I really enjoyed seeing you Point of view of the first months of quarantine it just goes to show the different ways people interpreted/ took in with this pandemic. The line where you start to say this is the new normal I can relate to it because never in a million years if you were to ask me let’s say four years ago I would have never thought this would happen. I really enjoyed your poem and I can relate to our feelings to an extent.

    • Dear Sara,
      I am hurt by reading this poem because when Quarantine Started I was hurt, depressed and upset because there were curfews and life wasn’t normal. everybody locked up. Your line, “I remember completely not caring about school” is puzzling. When schools started online I was distracted ,and I did not have any motivation because I was used to getting up and actually going to school, not getting up, getting myself ready and grabbing my macbook . Another line that stands out to me is, “I remember the anger and sadness”. It reminds me of the Violence and yelling for justice, and the protests about George Floyd. In addition to what happened in the capital house people breaking in and breaking things – it’s unbelievable. It reminds me of the news photographs of guns with helmets, FBI ,posters of Trump. Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

    • Dear Sara,
      I really enjoyed reading about your feelings during quarantine. I found this poem to be really relatable. A line that stood out to me was “I remember having no motivation to do school work.” This stood out to me because during quarantine I started to fail some of my classes for the same reason, but overall your poem was really good and I like your writing style. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!

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    Sara wrote a new post

    Washington Square

    The trees are stripped and twisted. They look old but wise.The cold cutting wind chilling my face and hair.The smell of the hot dog stand and cigarette smoke in the air. The street lamps glow with the last bit of...

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“Diameter” by Michelle Y. Burke

months of quarantine

Washington Square

the last word of every 2nd and 4th line in each stanza rhymes. I love when poems subtly rhyme its so satisfying but not cheesy.

this whole poem didn't really sound like a traditional poem. it sounded a lot like a song. like when I was reading it I couldn't help it but perceive it as a song.

It's so cool to see what union square looked like in 1911.

I don't really agree with this. if they know their truth and the truth would prove him innocent they should fight for his freedom.

It concerns me that they may not be able to provide for each other and her child. there both so young and at that time it was hard to find a well paying job for such young people.

everything about this paragraph makes it hard to believe Fonny isn't innocent. he's seems so respectful and caring.

thank youuu

shouldn't she be like… not drinking when she pregnant.

what did he want to say? why couldn't he say it?

this whole sentence confuses me so much lol.


I wonder why his faced changed in this way… it almost seems like he's getting pent up or tense.

what was she “doing” and why did her heart jump up?

this really shows how much they truly love each other. They really care about each other too.


I wonder what that has to do with anything.

I agree they seem un-welcoming

yeah that's definetly not a good idea. It can cause several problems with the baby and their development.

I wonder why he smiled.

how did the nickname “tish” come from clementine? Hoe did she get that nickname and why?

education is definitely one fo his top priorities.

I agree.

religion is also very important to him and It seems to help him in all sorts of ways and can be almost like an escape.

he talks about his religion in such a way that makes me think he's not very comfortable in the environment its created for him.

I'm wondering the same thing

this shows how much hatred has been put into religion and how its used for forcing people to do things and to make up of bad things people have done.

This is showing how much white people actually enjoyed being racists and harm black people. It didn't just happen, they enjoyed it. So much so that they would be happy to see their black servants do something wrong.

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