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The Importance of Sign Language View Comment
  • @SarahS
  • November 13, 2020

Dear Anna, I am excited about your post because the use of sign language is a clear example of one of the many ways in which language can be expressed through human beings. The power of language can go beyond a pen and paper or the tongue. One thing you said...

Dear Jessica, I am excited about your post because I enjoyed learning about your specific example of a pilgrimage that is sacred to Jewish culture, the pilgrimage to the Western Wall. I also appreciate your analysis about the importance of this pilgrimage for its journeyers, as it leads to a...

Interesting post, Alexandra. I appreciate that you took the time to research light pollution because light pollution is often forgotten about. However, as you stated in your post, light pollution certainly has negative consequences, such as the fact that "most people cannot see the stars in the night sky because...

Animal Testing View Comment
  • @SarahS
  • October 30, 2020

Interesting post, Mia. your post is necessary in order to continue to spread awareness about animal testing. Unlike the awareness about the ethics and morality behind consuming meat, I believe that animal testing is lesser-known and discussed. You stated in your post that "Over 100 million animals are harmed or...

Interesting post, Abdul. You have enlightened me on what it means to be a Muslim high school student, and how it affects your lifestyle. I enjoyed how you connected your situation to the standard five-day workweek. I now know that you miss school in order to go to the...

Dear Viviana, I am intrigued by your post because you thoroughly provided us, the readers, insight into how a specific opioid-related problem was solved. Normally, when we think of the opioid crisis, we think of the problem as being too large to fix completely, as there are a multitude of...

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