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The Inevitable Consequences of Adoption on the Adoptee’s Unconscious Psyche

When a child is separated from its mother at birth, the result is what’s called the primal wound. The primal wound refers to the trauma experienced by the child upon losing its mother. Every single adoptee experiences the effects of this trauma at one point or another during their lives. “The severing of that connection in the original separation of […]

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The psychological effects of adoption

Research shows that being separated from their birth mother has an enormous effect on the child’s unconscious psyche. Even if the child is immediately placed within a loving family, there is still trauma from the severing of the in utero bond. A child does not have a sense of self at birth, their sense of self is contained within their […]

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Animal Testing: Pro vs. Con

There are many pros that support animal testing. For example, animal testing has contributed to numerous life-saving cures and treatments. The California Biomedical Research Association states that almost every medical breakthrough that has occurred in the past 100 years has been a result of animals. An example of this is experiments where dogs’ pancreases removed led to the discovery of […]

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First, it is important to address the possible causes of insomnia. These range from medical to psychiatric conditions. Common medical causes include physical pain and or sleep disorders. Some psychiatric conditions include depression and anxiety ( There is no cure for insomnia. However, identifying the underlying cause allows the insomniac to learn how to treat it. Keeping a sleep diary […]

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