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    Sarah commented on the post, Brand Addiction

    Nice job Ben. I agree with your statement that people will buy brand name products regardless of the price. Hierarchical diffusion has been a long time method of spreading products and what not. So if ‘cool’ people wear certain brands, resulting in that brand being ‘cool’, then if ‘uncool’ people wear it, is that brand still ‘cool’?

  • Hi Jessica, I enjoyed reading about your topic. I have always felt that dogs are somehow connected to us humans. I am interested to know if this applies with other house pets, like cats.

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    When a child is separated from its mother at birth, the result is what’s called the primal wound. The primal wound refers to the trauma experienced by the child upon losing its mother. Every single adoptee

    The Inevitable Consequences of Adoption on the Adoptee's Unconscious Psyche

    When a child is separated from its mother at birth, the result is what's called the primal wound. The primal wound refers to the trauma experienced by the child upon losing its mother. Every single adoptee experiences the effects...

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    • This is very powerful. The effects of adoption on children are not spoken about very often in society today. I think that this research topic is bringing to light the trauma that is associated with loosing one’s mother. This is a great topic and good luck on your research!!

    • Wow you have really changed my view on adoption, I am baffled. Adoption can be a serious thing, and people do not realize the effects it has not only on the adoptee but both families.

    • I truly can’t imagine the mental consequences and struggles that come along with adoption, and I don’t think anyone can truly understand unless they are in that place, o its very interesting to read the research they’ve found on it. I’m curious to learn more!

    • Hi sarah,
      I found this very intriguing. I was adopted and I don’t think I can say I have ever felt a loss of myself or debated whether my birth mother or mother was my real mother. I believe that the woman who raised me is my real mother. You said, “When the child loses its mother, it also loses its sense of self. The child grows up feeling empty, life a part of itself is missing. Well, a part of the child is missing… its mother.” I found this to be a very bold statement. I feel like this is more of an opinion than a fact. I’m not exactly sure how to respond to this but I don’t think that it is possible to “lose a sense of yourself” and “feel empty” when you are adopted into a loving family. I personally can say I would rather be adopted into a loving family with a loving mother rather than stay with someone who can’t take care of me. Then again, maybe it depends on the child and the life they were brought into. I think there is more of a curious feeling that the child develops rather than a feeling of grief. great topic.

    • Hi Sarah,
      I see why it is so hard for orphaned children, they experience the trauma from the loss of their mother. I like how you said that a child and their mother have a special bond, I see how it can be hard not to have a mother you really wouldn‘t connect with anyone like you would your mother. The child can grow up empty that‘s why they need a mother figure maybe in other family members. I believe if they are adopted at an early age they could find that figure and they could recover. I like your article it really makes you think.

    • I am wowed by your post, “The Inevitable Consequences of Adoption on the Adoptee’s Unconscious Psyche,” because it is extremely interesting. I have always wondered about this subject myself.

    • Dear Sara,
      I am confused your article because I have an adopted sister and she isn’t any of the things you listed. She is loving and trusting and if she really had been traumatized by her family in Russia then she wouldn’t go back every year to visit them…

    • This is a very powerful perspective on adoption that better explains similar stances on adoption that are often don’t go into much detail so thank you for opening our eyes to the difficulties of daily life often experienced by adoptees. Thank you for putting your time into researching this topic and showing the true parts of life.

      Chloe & Holden

  • I thought it was interesting how Washington has some of the richest and the poorest people in America. It just shows how skewed the distribution of wealth is in this country.

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    Sarah commented on the post, Aztecs

    I thought it was interesting that the Spanish conquistadors managed to wipe out such a huge civilization.

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