• My name is Sarah Cremer and I’m a junior at Judge Memorial. I’ve always loved writing. There’s so many different corners and walls that make up writing, but what I love most about it is its ability to grab all k

    • I agree with your stances about writing and music, and overall like the points you bring up. While often not viewed as such, music is just as much a language as it is an art. Both music and writing are similar in the sense that the writing or music is telling a story.

      My main problem with this article is the small tangent on climate change in the last paragraph. I agree with the points that are brought up, but overall they simply don’t fit in this article. The first half of the article is really well done as it displays the similarities of music and writing, but the bit on climate change doesn’t really connect with the rest. They would be better suited in another article. Overall, not a bad article.

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    You should so do a story about this. Go around places in Greenville and rate different places and thier food. I found this website that might help https://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=burgers&find_loc=Greenville%2C+NC

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