• Soaronn,
    All that you said is very true. I think that your the situation is very relatable and that the only real way to challenge it is to come together. It may be asking a lot of people to all act as one, but I don’t believe that it is impossible. I went and researched ways that people can come together to come together against hate, I found two…[Read more]

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    This post was great, and honestly reading it made my mood better. You are right that the word ‘zamboni’ is only satisfying. I honestly came into this post expecting something different, but I’m glad that is wasn’t. This writing made me wonder what are some other ways that the zamboni has helped people, so I looked up stories and it was quite…[Read more]

  • This past summer there were a lot of Disasters that caused distraction across America. From the fires in the West to the hurricanes in the South. However, the stories of came second to the stories of people coming

  • Hannah,
    You made a lot of good points when addressing the topic of technology. I really connected to the point where you talked about technology changing the way we communicate with one another. Today, there are a lot more people who rely on technology than there where a few years ago, and people are starting earlier. I found an article,…[Read more]

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    I totally agree with what you are saying, especially since there are so many things that aren’t talked about in the media that need to be heard. I also think that fake news is another epidemic that is helping take our attention away from the important stuff. I found an article,…[Read more]

  • I have always wondered how I would be different if I did’t have a sibling. People always talk about being an only child as if it were a bad thing. Today, one out of every five families has an only child, this is

  • NevinS,
    This is a very interesting thing to be investigating. Most times when I think about these topics I just put them together, but the way that you separated them and went into detail about each one, and their different examples was smart and a good way of explaining them. This made me want to learn more about them myself. I found an article…[Read more]

  • San,
    This is a great subject, especially within the realm of social injustices. This topic fits into a lot of the bigger issues that we face today in the United States. I am interested because it wasn’t something that I had thought about before, and this led me to want and learn more about it. I went and found a website, which Karen provided,…[Read more]

  • Darrtell,
    This is such an important subject, that is certainly not talked about enough. It is something that could drastically change our oceans and their ecology. I was interested in this subject because I think that there is so much about our oceans that we don’t know, and if we continue to treat it in the way we have been, and never will. There…[Read more]

  • Moiranda,
    This was an interesting way to collect data for your research. I do believe that there is sexism in our world today, but especially in the workplace. This is shown in the pay gaps between men and women, since men continually make more than women even though they are doing the same amount of work for the same amount of time. This article…[Read more]

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    This is a very interesting topic to take an interest in. I learned a lot from this post, especially the part about there being three different forms of trust. This is interesting because when we think about trust we don’t really seem to go into great depth about it. My favorite part was when you related it to your readers by saying, “As…[Read more]

  • Sara commented on the post, Favorite Word- Porpoise 2 months ago

    This is an amazing story. I am so glad that you and your sister were able to find that connection. I know it can be hard because I have a sister who is much older than me and it was very difficult for us to connect as both family and friends. I like that your relationship only continued to grow and I think that porpoise is one of the best…[Read more]

  • The United States has always bragged about being the best, however, when it comes to the teaching of math and reading they aren’t even in the top five, as of 2011. Some countries that out perform the US in reading

    • Hi Sara,
      Your post really caught my attention. I believe reading is a vital part of life; it gives us insight into other people’s thoughts and helps us understand things beyond ourselves. While I adore reading, I know many people find it trivial. I believe there should be a bigger emphasis on reading from a young age. Understanding that there are other ideas ion the world than your own is important, but so is being aware of those ideas. Adults showing enthusiasm for reading will ignite the reading flame in kids. In an article I found, adults read Dr. Seuss to children at school. These adults read with genuine happiness. This small action can instill a love for reading at a young age which can be carried through life. Thank you for your post, I look forward to hearing more from you.


    • I really like this idea, Sara. I have often thought about what a different place the world could be if Americans could accept the learning styles of other countries that have proved to be successful. There is always the notion that the U.S. does thing better, but I can appreciate the other ways countries have reached success with improving reading levels. I also enjoyed how the idea of reading led into a new conversation of what standard teachers are held to in other places, and how we could value them more here. Particularly, the idea I found interesting was that elsewhere teachers have to get at “least a master’s degree, get generous pay, and are given a lot of responsibility.” If you are looking to find more on the topic of ways the U.S. could learn more about education techniques from other countries, I would look at these articles: onehttps://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2013/09/26/what-the-us-education-system-can-learn-from-other-countries and https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/06/upshot/what-america-can-learn-about-smart-schools-in-other-countries.html. Due to my travels, I believe that when people take the time to have conversations with different people from various areas, there is much to be learned. I loved how you presented information, and the flow in this piece, and I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • Recently within my photography class, my classmates and I have been learning how to take portraits. We have been furthering our understanding by getting connected with photographers within our city. We had two

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    Within my Photography class, we are learning about using depth of field so that we can use it for portrait photography. We had an assignment to create a story using toys and depth of field. I ended up using the

  • Within my life there have been many important people. At my school one of the most important people is Ms. Eck. She is our front office secretary. She is the first person most people see in the morning, if they

    • Dear Sara,
      Great photo! I really enjoyed reading the reason behind why you picked Ms. Eck. I do not known who Ms. Eck is personally but I felt like I was able to understand that she is this amazing person who is always happy and will to help other. I think you were able to show who she real is with this photo. I like the old saying pictures speak a thousand words, your picture really does. Great job!

    • Dear Sara,

      I am interested in your article “Important Person” because this article was very positive to read it was filled with nothing but nice things. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is “She always greets people with a smile. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met”. because she seems like a positive and happy person and she is said to be one of the kindest people you have ever met. Another sentence that stood out to me was “Without Ms. Eck our school would probably be a colder place, and students would have a hard time going to the office because her warm presence wouldn’t be there” because reading this sentence shows that she is a big part of the school and im guessing that she keeps the school bright and theres never a dull moment in the office. This article reminds me of something that is similar to yours. We had this teacher that was cool with everybody and everybody enjoyed her presence. Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i’m glad to hear that there are so many good people in the world.

  • I have been tasked with researching a contemporary portrait photographer. My photographer is John Moore. Though he is most commonly known for his work across seas, he also does a lot of work in America. His most

    • Sara,
      I very much enjoyed your post, especially because Moore’s photos are going to become very relevant as time progresses. I think I’m going to look into his photographs, as they seem very interesting and I would like to get a better grasp of what is happening around the world.

    • Hi Sara!

      Your cover picture immediately caught my attention, and the information was very intriguing. Photography is such a powerful tool, and John Moore is using it to spread awareness about things some people would rather ignore. Thanks for your post, it was so interesting!


    • I thought this was really cool. Its amazing to think that a person will withstand extreme situations, such as weather, or violence. I would love to look at more of his photos, especially the more world problem ones.

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