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    This is an interesting take on this situation, and I completely agree with you. In today’s world it can almost be a little laughable that the thought of sex is something that is only meant for the use of reproduction because of how much more open society is with it. However, if you look at when the book was written it makes complete sense.…[Read more]

  • Eli,
    I think it is great what your great great grandfather did in order to make a life for himself here in America. That was a great way to open up the topic of Americans persevering because it is such an important part of our culture and history, and it is always good to remember how hard people worked to get here. Though now a days people aren’t…[Read more]

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  • One of the bigger debates within the government and country as a whole has been planned parenthood. Many people see planned parenthood as a good thing that helps women, while others see it as a moral dilemma.


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    This was a lovely poem. I have never read the book “The Hate you Give”, but from what you wrote I am now quite interested. I also think that the message you are trying to get across is a strong one that people don’t always understand. Your last two lines were so strong and true to todays world. If people want to inspire change, they have…[Read more]

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    This is a very interesting topic to be bringing up in todays world because of the variety of views on it. I agree that medical marijuana should be allowed because of all the benefits. However, I can also see the point that people may take advantage of this legalization and misuse the drug. There is also the problem of people not realizing…[Read more]

  • In the last few years there have been a lot of talk about the legalization of Marijuana. Both for medical and recreational use. Will it keep people from illegally purchasing it? How will it affect the economy? Who

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    I’m sorry to hear that your home has so much violence going on, and the fact that it can be related to Romeo and Juliet. I am, however, impressed that you have taken this and learned from it. I think that it shows how strong this environment has made you. I can’t say that I know what your going through, because I live somewhere where…[Read more]

  • Reagan,
    I agree with you that technology has really defined and changed our society within the past few years. There are many positive attributes for technology that you mentioned above from medical to personal. These have brought us closer to people, but this closeness is different than the closeness of 40, even 20, years ago. I found a really…[Read more]

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    All that you said is very true. I think that your the situation is very relatable and that the only real way to challenge it is to come together. It may be asking a lot of people to all act as one, but I don’t believe that it is impossible. I went and researched ways that people can come together to come together against hate, I found two…[Read more]

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    This post was great, and honestly reading it made my mood better. You are right that the word ‘zamboni’ is only satisfying. I honestly came into this post expecting something different, but I’m glad that is wasn’t. This writing made me wonder what are some other ways that the zamboni has helped people, so I looked up stories and it was quite…[Read more]

  • This past summer there were a lot of Disasters that caused distraction across America. From the fires in the West to the hurricanes in the South. However, the stories of came second to the stories of people coming

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    You made a lot of good points when addressing the topic of technology. I really connected to the point where you talked about technology changing the way we communicate with one another. Today, there are a lot more people who rely on technology than there where a few years ago, and people are starting earlier. I found an article,…[Read more]

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    I totally agree with what you are saying, especially since there are so many things that aren’t talked about in the media that need to be heard. I also think that fake news is another epidemic that is helping take our attention away from the important stuff. I found an article,…[Read more]

  • I have always wondered how I would be different if I did’t have a sibling. People always talk about being an only child as if it were a bad thing. Today, one out of every five families has an only child, this is

  • NevinS,
    This is a very interesting thing to be investigating. Most times when I think about these topics I just put them together, but the way that you separated them and went into detail about each one, and their different examples was smart and a good way of explaining them. This made me want to learn more about them myself. I found an article…[Read more]

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    This is a great subject, especially within the realm of social injustices. This topic fits into a lot of the bigger issues that we face today in the United States. I am interested because it wasn’t something that I had thought about before, and this led me to want and learn more about it. I went and found a website, which Karen provided,…[Read more]

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    This is such an important subject, that is certainly not talked about enough. It is something that could drastically change our oceans and their ecology. I was interested in this subject because I think that there is so much about our oceans that we don’t know, and if we continue to treat it in the way we have been, and never will. There…[Read more]

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    This was an interesting way to collect data for your research. I do believe that there is sexism in our world today, but especially in the workplace. This is shown in the pay gaps between men and women, since men continually make more than women even though they are doing the same amount of work for the same amount of time. This article…[Read more]

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    This is a very interesting topic to take an interest in. I learned a lot from this post, especially the part about there being three different forms of trust. This is interesting because when we think about trust we don’t really seem to go into great depth about it. My favorite part was when you related it to your readers by saying, “As…[Read more]

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