• Chloe,
    Adoption is something that people are always talking about. Not only interracial adoption, but also same sex couples wanting to adopt. I think that it is weird that there are still problems between race and adoption. I am glad that you are bringing light to something that I assume isn’t talked about that much. I am glad that you are writing…[Read more]

  • Carelis,
    I am very happy that you decided to choose this topic. I think that bilingual education is an amazing way to learn languages. When I was younger, my spanish class only happened about twice a week at most and I don’t that is good enough plus the two years in high school. I hope that we can get to the point, as a country, where we are all…[Read more]

  • Ben,
    I’m glad that you were finally able to get rid of that second voice that had been dragging you down for so long. I know that I also had a problem, but rather than getting down I would just hesitate before doing things because I was scared of what others would think of me. But as I got older, I realized that if they didn’t like me for me,…[Read more]

  • Soaronn,
    I also want to understand what is going on in the mind of people who purposefully try to harm others. I would love to be able to talk to others about it, however, I don’t know if it could be as simple as trying to change the views of people who have had this belief for about a century. I once watched an interval between a kkk member and…[Read more]

  • Mia,
    how does our country compare to others? I think that this is a great topic to cover because of the effects it can lead to. People who have anxiety can have a harder time doing simple things because they could think that a bad thing could come from it. I found a website that has some of the anxiety can lead to during everyday life…[Read more]

  • Ravi,
    I have read a little bit about GMO’s, but I still don’t really know much about them. I think that this is a big problem, which is why I am glad that you are covering this topic. I found a website that talks about the pros and the cons of GMOs, https://www.newportnaturalhealth.com/2013/07/gmos-the-pros-cons-of-genetically-modified-food/. I am…[Read more]

  • Brooklyn,
    the topic of school uniforms and dress codes is a very big, though its not one that is talked about a great deal. I think it should be talked about more because of how little it is talked about. I also can see the sexist points as it makes no sense for a girl to have to wear a skirt/dress to look good, when pants are functional and they…[Read more]

  • Olivia,
    this is a very interesting topic to be researching, especially considering the fact that people most times wouldn’t look in the professional sports world for pay inequality. I found a lot of articles on the difference in pay between male professional athletes and female professional athletes. I did find one article that covers this issue…[Read more]

  • Music is everywhere today. It is in cars, grocery stores, doctor offices, restaurants, and many more places. music is also used to express emotion, tell a story, or start revolutions. However, many also believe it

    • Dear Sara:

      I am happy with your post, “The Misunderstanding of Mozart,” because your post tells me why people think that music helps them and it makes it more clear for me on how music can help and affect someone. You also helped me understand why people would think that music will help better think something. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “This misunderstanding was caused when a study had college students listen to Mozart while studying and got higher scores. This led people to believe that music must make you smarter. That is not the case as The Mozart Effect is simply a brief enhancement of spatial-temporal abilities in college students after listening to a Mozart piano sonata…” I think this is really important because it helps show how many people would think that music can help them get a better score. However this is not true and is only the effect of the Mozart Effect.

      Another sentence that I got interested in was: “This idea really depends on the person. One person may need music to even start thinking about getting to work, while another gets too easily distracted to even have it quietly in the background. .” This stood out for me because in this sentence you talk about how music can help people or effect them. It also talks about how it depends on the person listening to the music. Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time I was listening to music and it actually helped me think a lot better and makes me more concentrated. Listening to music doesn’t distract me while I am studying. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I want to see how music can also effect people in other ways and what music might do to people’s brains.

  • Amran,
    This is an interesting take on this situation, and I completely agree with you. In today’s world it can almost be a little laughable that the thought of sex is something that is only meant for the use of reproduction because of how much more open society is with it. However, if you look at when the book was written it makes complete sense.…[Read more]

  • Eli,
    I think it is great what your great great grandfather did in order to make a life for himself here in America. That was a great way to open up the topic of Americans persevering because it is such an important part of our culture and history, and it is always good to remember how hard people worked to get here. Though now a days people aren’t…[Read more]

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  • One of the bigger debates within the government and country as a whole has been planned parenthood. Many people see planned parenthood as a good thing that helps women, while others see it as a moral dilemma.


  • Brianna,
    This was a lovely poem. I have never read the book “The Hate you Give”, but from what you wrote I am now quite interested. I also think that the message you are trying to get across is a strong one that people don’t always understand. Your last two lines were so strong and true to todays world. If people want to inspire change, they have…[Read more]

  • Andrea,
    This is a very interesting topic to be bringing up in todays world because of the variety of views on it. I agree that medical marijuana should be allowed because of all the benefits. However, I can also see the point that people may take advantage of this legalization and misuse the drug. There is also the problem of people not realizing…[Read more]

  • In the last few years there have been a lot of talk about the legalization of Marijuana. Both for medical and recreational use. Will it keep people from illegally purchasing it? How will it affect the economy? Who

    • I agree with you. The money can be used for other purposes. They can get it prescribed for themselves if they really need the marijuana for symptoms of anything.

  • Alex,
    I’m sorry to hear that your home has so much violence going on, and the fact that it can be related to Romeo and Juliet. I am, however, impressed that you have taken this and learned from it. I think that it shows how strong this environment has made you. I can’t say that I know what your going through, because I live somewhere where…[Read more]

  • Reagan,
    I agree with you that technology has really defined and changed our society within the past few years. There are many positive attributes for technology that you mentioned above from medical to personal. These have brought us closer to people, but this closeness is different than the closeness of 40, even 20, years ago. I found a really…[Read more]

  • Soaronn,
    All that you said is very true. I think that your the situation is very relatable and that the only real way to challenge it is to come together. It may be asking a lot of people to all act as one, but I don’t believe that it is impossible. I went and researched ways that people can come together to come together against hate, I found two…[Read more]

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    This post was great, and honestly reading it made my mood better. You are right that the word ‘zamboni’ is only satisfying. I honestly came into this post expecting something different, but I’m glad that is wasn’t. This writing made me wonder what are some other ways that the zamboni has helped people, so I looked up stories and it was quite…[Read more]

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