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  • I like the picture and how you got into detail what you was talking about

  • Saqua commented on the post, Can We Breathe?

    I like the pictures that you use for this. I also like that you went into detail and you wrote a lot about.

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    american on trail

    Good afternoon. My name is uncle Carlos and I am from garden heights. Thank you for allowing me to address this commission on the topic of a young man getting shot. I’m a cop myself so what 115 did...

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    • I like how you connected your writing back to a book and you used a great picture to symbolize your work.

    • I like how you made personal connections and a picture that connects to your writing

    • Your writing made me want to read more, as you were typing from another police officer’s interest telling your personal feelings, thoughts, and how you would have handled things.

    • I liked how you spoke from the officer’s POV and said how you would have handled it. I’m not sure if this was on purpose but when you said “I still think the young man shouldn’t have moved because he should know how cops are.” it was like you were criticizing the police while also writing from the perspective of one. It was very interesting to read

    • I appreciate how you spoke from the officer’s POV and spoke on how you would have handled it. This shows your passion for your job, and you are on the side of right and not validating the wrong in this occurrence.

    • Saqua

      First thing’s first, I really wanted to speak on the image you decided to have as your featured image for this post. It depicts a cop smiling talking to another cop whilst they are on the job. This is one of the most important components to understanding the issue of policing, realizing that these cops are human too. The entire post you made is pristine in humanizing the other side of the policing debacle sweeping America. It represents cops as people, not as automated monsters and whatnot, and therefore suggests that each cop is flawed as any other human on this earth. Additionally, you also speak your mind in all honesty of things presented by the shooting of Khalil. You excellently present yourself as the middleman. You want what’s best out of the police force, and that sometimes requires speaking your mind, which you did. That is essentially all that matters here.

      To branch off, I wanted to speak on your brutal honesty. What was your thought process when writing out this response? Were you expecting ridicule from your own police force when this post was going to be published or were you just steadfast to speaking your mind without thinking of the consequences?

      Thank you so much for posting this!

    • i really like your picture choice. why did you choose to write from a different pov?

    • I really like this because it is deep and with the pictures it reminds me of things that have happened in 2020.
      ‘Nice work 👌’

    • I like the black and white picture . You wrote as you were being in the cop point of view which can allow me to somewhat understand. “ I still think the young man shouldn’t have moved because he should know how cops are.” can be a very biased statement.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. It’s refreshing to hear from a cop who treats everyone equally regardless of race. Your perspective on the shooting of Khalil and the importance of understanding the local community as a cop is valuable.

    • When you say America is on trial do you mean the Country of the United States as in everyone or just the people in the goverment branches

    • How did you decide to write from a different point of view?

    • dear saqua,
      your post made me think of how many people view white cops differently because of the common issue that keeps occurring. Do you think the cop had a liable reason to shoot the young guy just because he moved? Something I wonder is why this keeps occurring.
      Janet Rodriguez

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    This My Body Poem

    My body is strong from working out and lifting dumb bells  My body is free to do the things i like  My body is healthy from the fruits and vegetables i eat   My body is comfortable how the way it is and...

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    • I agree entirely brother, football is what has kept me sane and changed my life for the better and is what gives me power when I’m down. “My body is free to do the things I like”, It’s one of the greatest things in the world, and the ability to go on runs every morning, play sports, and do all sorts of other things is what it’s all about. Thanks for the time Saqua and for letting me talk about football too. I think that football is just one of the greatest things in the world and staying healthy is what lets you get there. Anyway, I was reading an article about football and thought you should see it!

    • i like this poem it was very thoughtful

    • This poem is so thoughtful and unique and it really gives me a deep perspective on these things.

    • I think this poem is a great reflection of how we should take care of our bodies.

    • I like this poem and how it speaks on how to take care of our bodies.

    • I I really like how this poem breaks the norms of gender and literature that can be applied to both males and females.

    • I like your idea of it being “yours” so you have to try to take the utmost care of it. It’s interesting how little hints let into your life like the “track comment:”, a very good poem.

    • Dear Saqua,
      Your post made me think that you have confidence within yourself by describing your physical features. It also made me think you’re an active person meaning you run and play sports. Something I wonder is that, how long have you been playing football?

      Bryan Villanueva

    • Your description of your physical attributes in your post gave me the impression that you are confident in yourself. I also got the impression from it that you’re an active person because you play sports and run. I would like to know how long you have been a football player.



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