• Dear Leaders of America,

    My name is Saoronn Oeurn. I go to Fremont High School and i’m 16 years old. I had attend to this school for 2 years now going for 3 years. I am in the 11th grade.

    When I was reading c

    • Good job! Your solution to bring the kkk and talk to them is very smart. I also wish we can come together and be one. Thank you for your writing and cant wait until you write again because you give good information.

  • Dear Olga Matias,

    I am furious by the way white nationalist don't feel the same like other races. I like your offer because most American are poor and that finding a job is hard. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me was that,''people who has put high rent and also has raise more the prices of something they should lower it as it was…[Read more]

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