• I do not know how he could win trump at the time he won many people felt sad and knew what to happen in some years, he is very racist and there is no reason to be racist we are not so different the only thing that changes is the color of The skin and the language in the rest we are all the same. I think that racism is wrong and that it should stop.

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    i think your is very great fun and describes you the way you are. One thing I like is when you said ”
    I am from “don’t trust Manjras” and “Topias are Intelligent.”
    because your describe the intelligent and I liked then your have trust

  • I am from  photo albums of my family.

    I am from family mementos from weddings.

    I am from pictures of my family

    I am from toys of my little brother Justin

    I am from older camera canon

    I am from

    • Santiago, I love how you describe the various types of food that are important to you in your poem. Reading your poem also make me very hungry. :-))

    • I like your poem. You are clear to describe your family and something around your life. And, it also make hungry. Hahahahahahahahaha . You know, I like tacos.

    • Esa parte que dices ” Im not Mexican but i like their food” es algo en lo cual estamos totalmente deacuerdo me encanta la comida mexicana y de different places.. Something your poem makes me think about is the food that we eat from other places.

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