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    Hello Orlando! My name is Sante Di Sera and I am a highschool senior from Salt Lake City, Utah. While you say that you aren’t all too good at any subject, I believe your writing is honest and conversational. With more time to learn and enjoy school, I’m sure you’ll grow to discover what you love. I think it’s amazing that you care so much about…[Read more]

  • Sophie,
    Super interesting stuff! I like how you are not just describing the events that went down, but also making informed inferences based off of that information. You lead the reader down a logical path that not only provides evidence for your reasoning but pushes your reader to come to the same conclusion. Well done! It might be interesting…[Read more]

  • In Legacy Admissions Offer An Advantage – and not Just at Schools like Harvard by Max Larkin, the author gives insight into the what, why, and transitioning away from of legacy in college admissions. As more and

    • Your post was very interesting and gave me a new perspective regarding how being an alumnae has much to do with racial preference as you stated above, causing much of those who attend to be rich white individuals like how it was back in the day. It is not something that an individual has much control over but more of something you are born with as you stated above. It is also a sad truth that your family background as well as financial background plays a role to your acceptance. This are great points, this website here can further help explain the affects you stated above. https://publicpolicy.wharton.upenn.edu/live/news/2302-impacts-of-lower-socioeconomic-status-on-college

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    To Kill a Mockingbird is most definitely a great piece of literature. The themes of racism, family, and justice work to give social commentary of the racism that was pervasive during the time. I like how you discuss the reader’s attitude towards the story, because the book was written with the intent of making the reader question the…[Read more]

  • Hello Joseph!
    I think it’s awesome that you’re delving into the world of AI for you explanatory essay! Both of my parents are involved in CS, so often times I get to hear about the current AI and technology leaps and bounds that our society is taking. I never really considered the intent behind AI, and it is interesting to hear that the main goal…[Read more]

  • Education is widely recognized as one of the most important factors in an individual’s success and ability to mold and change the world around them. With something that is held so sacred in the eyes of the

  • Hello Caton! You discuss some interesting ideas about how the truth and defining qualities of America lie behind the geography and places rather than the people. While this is probably an unpopular view, I think it is a very interesting one. I think doing some research into how geography affects a person could be beneficial to proving your point.…[Read more]

  • Patricia, it’s cool to see that someone else choose college as a broader topic for their research! It is interesting to see the problems within a college after admissions, especially the part that discussed a colleges focus on research rather than their students. It is weird to see that while the United States wants there to be equity within…[Read more]

  • Around this time every year high school seniors all around the world are hearing back from the colleges they applied to. This time is full of excitement, anxiety, and oftentimes confusion and disappointment that

    • Fascinating stuff. It is really incredible to me that the format of these tests has not changed for such a long time. For a country that claims to be all for educational reform, there has been almost no real action taken. Your investigation points out just how serious the situation is getting since qualified people everywhere are denied a chance in college due to the state of the system. I would encourage you to look into specific cases where affirmative action has caused real problems, either economically or socially, to give more dimension to what is going on.

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    Hello Mia! It is wonderful to hear that you’ve enjoyed and capitalized on the opportunities that carter school has provided you. While this is an amazing experience for you, there is overwhelming information that points in the opposite direction. An article in the Washington post highlighted a few of these issues (…[Read more]

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    Hello Amy! I’m glad you’re doing Bettin justice, and talking about something that I can see you truly appreciate. Personally – with almost no knowledge of the subject – it was very interesting to hear about the process of ceramic art as well as the history behind it. The second paragraph talking about a general from for the creation of poetry was…[Read more]

  • What Colleges Want in an Applicant (Everything) by Eric Hoover delves into the the volatile and often unfair world of college admissions. The article start by saying that a wide majority of colleges (87%) accept

    • I think it’s interesting that you pointed out how students not only feel pressure to do well on the ACT/SAT, but also tend to exaggerate themselves on their applications. I definitely felt that kind of pressure when I was applying for my schools, and I felt that my application didn’t reflect who I am as a person.

    • I love how you discussed factors beyond an applicant’s control, and how they are often deciding factors in that person’s admission. I have personally felt this through the college application process, and felt that certain things out of my control worked against me. It’s frustrating and unfair, and I believe that colleges should reevaluate their admission process. Thank you for sharing!

  • Enzo,
    Hello, my name is Sante and I am a senior at Judge Memorial High School. I think you are discussing something very important and prevalent to today’s society. Often times, society has thought that the solution to problems such as underage drinking is to just tell people to not do it. More than often, this makes an underage and not fully d…[Read more]

  • Hello Emmet,
    My name is Sante, and I am currently a senior at Judge Memorial High School. You bring up some important issues in this article that I think need to be more pervasively talked about in the world scene. In an era where we are learning more and more about the effects and causes of mental illness, it still carries the connotation of…[Read more]

  • As our generation begin to enter society fully as adults, we face a large number of societal problems, some more glaring than others. One such issue, especially prevalent in Western culture, is the difference in

    • I completely agree. Income inequality is one of the most important issues we face. I made a video on the different uses of donation and think that the problem is the lack knowledge on these topics. My video focusses on educated society and I really believe you should check it out at https://povertynyc702223502.wordpress.com/2019/05/07/poverty-in-nyc/. Follow my blog, me and my colleague Aarush make new content every week. Aarush is a brilliant teen battling depression. His family is one that has a long line of poverty and he is really open about. As a child his mom frequently debated giving him up for adoption because of her lack of money. His father died of starvation because he was unable to afford food. His mother died when he was 6 from malaria. Since then Aarush has lived with uncle and is doing a lot better. Our blog’s purpose is to limit the amount of Aarush’s in todays society. Help us both by getting educated and following our blog.

  • Hello Bladimir, my name is Sante and I am a senior from Judge Memorial High School. When I initially ready your thesis, it pushes me to believe you are going to argue that human sex trafficking targets young women under the age of eighteen. If this is the case, there are a multitude of amazing resources that can help you to convey this point. One…[Read more]

  • Chanaka, you being up a lot of important economic issues revolving around plastic and propose some great solutions. I didn’t know that you cannot recycle the cap and small ring on a water bottle, and I feel like that information should be more available to people. It is extremely concerning to hear about how, “we have 11 giant plastic islands tha…[Read more]

  • Jada,
    You being up some interesting ideas about the importance of school in people’s lives and why students often choose not to fully participate. Being a student, I understand this; the monotony of the school day in addition to what feels like the constant pressure to perform often makes me just want to stop trying. A big factor of this is that a…[Read more]

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    I’m glad you are talking about such a hot button issue in America’s current political environment. A lot of what I’ve come to see with this issue is that while many push for legislation to push for gun control, the true problem lies in the system itself. You talked about, “how unwilling the US is to have any kind of gun reform.” I don’t thi…[Read more]

  • Hanna,
    I would like to start out by saying I completely agree with your ideals related to the importance of knowledge in a classroom. As a student, the classes I have found the most meaning and passion in are those lead by a teacher who aims not only to teach us the material, but help us to apply that material to our lives and teach us skills…[Read more]

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