• Amani, I really enjoyed your post and specifically how you used your sources to help back your point, without them overwhelming your post. I’ve enjoyed playing video games pretty much my entire life, and the stigma that video games produce violent children is something I’ve heard on so many occasions. I thought how you identified and explained the…[Read more]

  • The effectiveness and risks of vaccines are becoming more and more feared by parents with young children, leading to massive health risks for the children and many around them. In an article titled “Vanishing v

    • This is a very well put together assertion, Sante. You have plenty of information to back up your point that makes you a reliable author. However, I think that you need to cite more of your sources and the ones you do cite need to be claimed by a website or author. Other than that, this is really good.

    • I also heard about these parents having wrong information and treating kids in their own way. I agree with you that they are trying to protect their children’s health but instead they are exposing them to diseases that could be easily avoided. I also hope people get the right information so they no longer goes against vaccines.

    • Sante,
      I really liked how you discussed the irony of the anti-vax movement. A lot of parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children are exposing their kids and others to harmful illnesses. You could include a link to a piece by someone who is anti-vax, just so we can see their thought process. The myths about vaccinations are what drive parents away. You could help debunk certain myths using medical information. Other than that, I agree with you and like how you discussed the topic.

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