• Enzo,
    Hello, my name is Sante and I am a senior at Judge Memorial High School. I think you are discussing something very important and prevalent to today’s society. Often times, society has thought that the solution to problems such as underage drinking is to just tell people to not do it. More than often, this makes an underage and not fully d…[Read more]

  • Hello Emmet,
    My name is Sante, and I am currently a senior at Judge Memorial High School. You bring up some important issues in this article that I think need to be more pervasively talked about in the world scene. In an era where we are learning more and more about the effects and causes of mental illness, it still carries the connotation of…[Read more]

  • As our generation begin to enter society fully as adults, we face a large number of societal problems, some more glaring than others. One such issue, especially prevalent in Western culture, is the difference in

  • Hello Bladimir, my name is Sante and I am a senior from Judge Memorial High School. When I initially ready your thesis, it pushes me to believe you are going to argue that human sex trafficking targets young women under the age of eighteen. If this is the case, there are a multitude of amazing resources that can help you to convey this point. One…[Read more]

  • Chanaka, you being up a lot of important economic issues revolving around plastic and propose some great solutions. I didn’t know that you cannot recycle the cap and small ring on a water bottle, and I feel like that information should be more available to people. It is extremely concerning to hear about how, “we have 11 giant plastic islands tha…[Read more]

  • Jada,
    You being up some interesting ideas about the importance of school in people’s lives and why students often choose not to fully participate. Being a student, I understand this; the monotony of the school day in addition to what feels like the constant pressure to perform often makes me just want to stop trying. A big factor of this is that a…[Read more]

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    I’m glad you are talking about such a hot button issue in America’s current political environment. A lot of what I’ve come to see with this issue is that while many push for legislation to push for gun control, the true problem lies in the system itself. You talked about, “how unwilling the US is to have any kind of gun reform.” I don’t thi…[Read more]

  • Hanna,
    I would like to start out by saying I completely agree with your ideals related to the importance of knowledge in a classroom. As a student, the classes I have found the most meaning and passion in are those lead by a teacher who aims not only to teach us the material, but help us to apply that material to our lives and teach us skills…[Read more]

  • Jacob,
    This post was very informative. Going into it I really only thought that the death penalty was a hot button issue because of the morality of killing a person, but now knowing about the racism aspect of the death penalty sheds a whole new light on the subject. I like how you discuss both sides of the argument and how for many the death…[Read more]

  • To a majority of us, vaccination is that annoying thing we do sometimes when we go to the doctor that makes our arm hurt for a little while, and not much more. However some people, especially parents with young

    • Parents really have been mislead with their information. Until recently I would just think that it was a bad idea and leave it there. However just recently a child was under medical care for almost two months due to tetanus and the parents refused vaccination to help their kid. That’s just dangerous and now I view that this issue needs to be acted on.

  • Amani, I really enjoyed your post and specifically how you used your sources to help back your point, without them overwhelming your post. I’ve enjoyed playing video games pretty much my entire life, and the stigma that video games produce violent children is something I’ve heard on so many occasions. I thought how you identified and explained the…[Read more]

  • The effectiveness and risks of vaccines are becoming more and more feared by parents with young children, leading to massive health risks for the children and many around them. In an article titled “Vanishing v

    • This is a very well put together assertion, Sante. You have plenty of information to back up your point that makes you a reliable author. However, I think that you need to cite more of your sources and the ones you do cite need to be claimed by a website or author. Other than that, this is really good.

    • I also heard about these parents having wrong information and treating kids in their own way. I agree with you that they are trying to protect their children’s health but instead they are exposing them to diseases that could be easily avoided. I also hope people get the right information so they no longer goes against vaccines.

    • Sante,
      I really liked how you discussed the irony of the anti-vax movement. A lot of parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children are exposing their kids and others to harmful illnesses. You could include a link to a piece by someone who is anti-vax, just so we can see their thought process. The myths about vaccinations are what drive parents away. You could help debunk certain myths using medical information. Other than that, I agree with you and like how you discussed the topic.

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