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    We need to change our waysWe need to change our mindsWe need to change our heart to recognize Recognize that were all the same in many different ways We all eat drink, sleep and bleed So why be divided by one thing We...

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    • I enjoy your post, it is short but it is also straightforward. It gets to the point, the injustice that has built-in this society. Change can always be a good thing and things do need to change for the better. It does not matter the way we look or where we came from. We as people should be together as one, not divided.

    • Dear Saniya
      I am inspired by your poem “WE NEED TO CHANGE” because it shows that this world needs a change, we should all be treated the same no matter how we look. There should be more people standing up for what they believe in because we can make a change.

      ¨We all eat and drink, sleep and bleed¨ that line stood out to me because it is true we are all human so why be divided. We people should be together as one, I hope we can one day live like that.

      Thank you for your writing I hope many people read this amazing poem. I am really looking forward to seeing what you will write next!


    • Dear Saniya,

      I am brought to awe by your poem “WE NEED TO CHANGE” because this has been a tragic and huge issue in this world for too long. People need to recognize that we must change and see that we are all human, no matter what color skin a person has.
      I love that you wrote, “We all need love so why not share it”, because it is true and very vulnerable. We as a world need to recognize how important being kind is and maybe that will bring us a step closer to solving this problem. Thank you for writing this poem regarding this topic, I can’t wait to see your future work!


    • Dear Sanlya,
      I love the reputation you used in the begging of your text to really emphasize your statement about the need for change in ourselves.I also love the way you use us, we really pursway us to take this into the heart like not only are you talking to text but you’re talking about our community.
      The logos you use really grab us into seeing the problem and how much it means to not only you but for us and a unit. It shows me how much we need to change our ways and fix them.
      Thank you Sanlya for posting on something that has been an issue for years.

    • Scrolling through the different posts, I was drawn to yours by the title. We live in such a polarized world. We are so divided over everything. It has become increasingly difficult to sort through these factions and see the humanity in others. Because at the end of the day we are all humans.

    • Dear Saniya, 

      I am inspired by your post, “WE NEED TO CHANGE,” because it is important as a community to understand that everyone is unique in their own way. I agree we should all be treated with equality regardless of who we are. 

      One sentence that stands out to me is: “We all need love so why not share it. At the end of the day we were all human. But have different experiences.” I think this is fair because no one should feel left out and coming in together as a group makes the world a better place. 

      Thank you for your writing. I look forward to reading more of how people should be to each other. I would like to read more about how we need to change as a community for good.


    • Everyone is unique in their own way, and it is the individual’s responsibility to recognize that. Some people are unable to recognize it however, because they have grown up in a place where they couldn’t express themselves. The change that must happen needs to be internally for the greater good of society.

    • This post caught my attention quickly, because of the message it sends right from the start. We do need a change, in our modern world we are so divided over things that should never matter. That change we can bring as we enter into the world is so critical because each one of us can have an impact. The “We” is so important because each one of us can make a change, but coming together is always the most impactful method to bring about real change.

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    • Hi Saniya,

      I find this very interesting because fear and regrets can really drag people down if they’re not careful. Regretting something you have done in the past can be detrimental to your mental health, so it is important to keep moving forward and looking ahead. The same goes for failure; it can hold you back if you let it. But, it can also be a learning opportunity and a chance for growth.

      Thanks for your post. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

    • This quote is really meaningful and speaks a lot about how we could succeed to we forget about failure and just give the task our best effort. Most of us spend our lives in feer of failing and then we end up failing. If we set our minds on sucess then we ,ight have better chances. I love this quote and post. I think that is represents the majority of poeples lives. I also think that if poepel relized that they focus too much on failing and not enough on suceeding that they might see a change in their sucess rates. Failing is a part of the journey and failing makes you stronger. You have to fail and keep getting up to be sucessfull. This is a very strong piece, love the good work, keep it up.

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    I watched as The giant, poisonous, green looking cloud rise into the sky and flooded the whole city,  I saw thousands of people drop DEAD. I began to run towards the forest, terrified  i do not know what's going on.  while i'm...

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    women in prison

    Women in prison  Women in prison  we go through a lot. Women in prison we don't get the proper Healthcare  Women in prison fight in cafeteria  And women in prison we need to  support each other Women in prison flirt with Police staff Women in prison get sexual...

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    • This poem is well-written. Women in prison are often sexualized and seen as lesser to the prison guards. Women are horribly mistreated in the prison systems. A prime example is pregnant women. Pregnant women are often bound by handcuffs during birth, only to have at most one look at their child before being separated.



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women in prison

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