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    I took pictures of dinosaurs to practice techniques that apply to portraiture such as depth of field. The shallow depth of field is what gives the pictures the blurred background. To achieve this, I used a large

  • Skip Schmiett, a commercial photographer, came into our class to teach us about portraiture. He told us about how he became a photographer: he was inspired during his trip across Europe. He emphasized the

    • I love this photograph! I wish I could have been there for that talk- sounds like he knew a lot about photography!

  • Dr. Houdeshel is a science teacher at Judge. He is an important member of the Judge community, and although I have never taken one of his classes, I can tell he is a very smart and a good teacher. His classes seem

    • Really good picture. I really like the shadows around the perimeter and the focus and clarity of his face and clothing. The periodic table only makes sense as well.

  • Philippe Halsman was fortunate enough to be deeply connected with the most famous and influential people of his time. He was responsible for capturing and preserving these people with the portraits that he took.

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