• I completely agree that mental health is one of the biggest problems facing youth in schools. I like the statements you made and how you backed them up with statistics and facts.

  • I don’t see the point of this because freedom of speech is a thing and you are already able to speak any language you would like to in this country. The overwhelming majority of this country speaks English just how every other country in the world has their own native language. English is not necessary to live in the US, it is just easier to…[Read more]

  • I really agree with your points here especially the fact that legalizing marijuana on a federal level will get rid of the current the vaping illness epidemic.Everything would be healthier for the population and most importantly the youth who are primarily being effected by this problem.

  • I completely agree with you on this topic. This is a detrimental problem in todays age that needs immediate reaction. I like your points on placing additional charges on plastic products and reusable items.

  • Dak, you’re a genius. I very much agree with your points, especially where you say, ” The main issue that I see from everyone dressing the same is in regards to the student and their ability to express themselves as they choose to”. This is a great point that most people don’t think about. All great great stuff here.

  • This article is arguing how the ideology of Humanism works and is better for society than a    God. The author goes into twelve strong points to support this while also summarizing his main idea that Humanism i

  • I am particularly interested in this question of vaping due to the fact that it is affecting many people around me and that I care about. I know that there is not much information on this topic at the moment, but

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      I find this to be very informative! It is significant that there has been no restrictions on the selling of cigarettes even though they kill far more people per year while vapes are most likely to be completely banned, except for one flavor (while cigarettes can still sell in multiple flavors).

    • Yo lo que entendí fue que la FDA admite haber dicho que deberían haber actuado antes y haber regulado estos dispositivos porque está dañando a gran parte de los jóvenes. La pregunta de qué está causando exactamente todas estas enfermedades pulmonares relacionadas con el vaporizador aún se desconoce y todo lo que pueden decir al respecto es que, “nos pondremos al día”. El artículo también menciona que notaron este aumento en el vapeo relacionado con la juventud todo el camino de regreso en 2013. Eso significa que lo han sabido durante seis años y que ahora están comenzando a intentar regularlo. Debido a que muchos de los productos de vape que se utilizan, muchos de ellos son de mercado negro y no se venden legalmente. Esto hace que sea mucho más difícil determinar qué es exactamente lo que está dañando a las personas y esperan descubrirlo pronto.

    • I agree with your thoughts on this issue. The FDA attempted to set restrictions on flavors in the past, but has not been successful. Although they were not successful in doing so in the past , they are still pursuing their goal.


    • I really like this article because you cite sources from the big organizations that are supposed to protect us from products like e-cigarettes, such as the CDC and the FDA. It makes me wonder, what other products are out there that could be harming us in our everyday lives? Many high schoolers in our community have suffered the consequences of vaping and it is scary to see how it affects loved ones. Here is an article that talks about why we have banned e-cigarettes but not regular tobacco products: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/banning-e-cigarettes-not-tobacco-products-ludicrous-some-public-health-n1022176. I hope this is helpful, I would love to hear why e-cigarettes are taken more seriously than other products! Great work.

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