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    "The Bomber Mafia" Review

    Passing by the bookshelves of one of the many airport shops at Bradley International, my eyes were caught by a book with a Boeing B-29 bomber on the cover. Being an aviation geek, and having seen one of these...

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  • Hey Xuefeng,

    Really interesting project! I love learning about how different countries reacted to COVID. And it’s interesting to see that a lot of people in China were willing to isolate, while many Americans didn’t want to. And I totally agree that the actual interview is the easiest part of an interview-based story. Again, great work!

  • Norah,

    This is a greatly written article! I love the connections between the Bible, history, and modern times! I never thought about it this way, but it makes sense that during the 18th century, most sibling rivalries were over basic survival. Good thing it’s not like this anymore! As an only child, I’ve been lucky enough to never experience…Read More

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    Sam commented on the post, Hidden Emotions

    This is a great poem! This is something that every teenager can relate to in one way or another. The ability to have courage when things get tough and perservere is an important skill we all must have to get through the stresses of our lives. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Arlette,

    I agree with you that college athletes should have the ability to be paid. However, I believe the athletes should only recieve payment from sponsorships or other organizations, rather than the schools. If schools are able to pay players, then the playing field will quickly become unfair, as super rich schools are able to recruit the best…Read More

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