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  • This is a great post. I too enjoy DC comics and enjoy the Red Hood character. I haven’t read this specific novel yet, but I have read a fair share of DC Comics. DC has developed an incredible strand of criminals and heroes and the plot of all of their novels are very intriguing.

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    I do agree that college athletes should be getting payed money that they receive from branding, social media attention, etc. They are the ones putting in the work and not the actual school itself. Many of these athletes also have families that are living in poverty and they are essentially being stripped of their currency to wealthy individuals at…Read More

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    You bring up a lot of good points in your post. Your poem closely examines what people of other races may experience when white people give them facial expressions that reflect strong emotions. I agree that there are a lot of white people in United States specifically that are very racist and we as a society need to address an ongoing issue that…Read More

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    I love the diction and tone of this poem. Your vocabulary usage at the beginning of the poem was very gentle and soothing and then transitioned into a more ominous tone. The resolution to the story was also very intriguing as well. This is very impressive use of imagery and the tone fluctuations establish a very complex poem. Very well done. 🙂

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    Hello Jefferson,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post because of how inspiring it is. Many people have a very hard time breaking out of their bubble and making friends with others. Adjusting to a new environment can be very hard and even more difficult when you are a shy person. I am very happy that you found a good group of friends and are motivated…Read More

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