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  • Hi Sephora,
    I enjoyed reading your post and your personal insight on the pandemic. I believe the pandemic has been very different depending on which state you are currently living in. Since the federal government does not have the power to specifically tell the states exactly what to do during the pandemic and cannot tell the states when to shut…Read More

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    Dear Toby,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. You seem to have a passion for learning about the effects drugs have on Indigenous populations in the United States. I think you are getting to a much larger picture: is there a correlation between substance abuse and socioeconomic/financial situation. This is a phenomena that has currently…Read More

  • Hey Caden,
    This is a very well put-together argument that examines many different areas of our current society. I too enjoy Joey Bada$$ and his personal intake on the problems as well. It is very depressing to look at African American citizens in thee U.S. and see how far back white culture has pushed them economically and socially. These…Read More

  • Dear Arlette,
    I agree with your argument that students should be getting paid to play college sports. I also agree that there is no necessary reason for these athletes to have money from endorsement and advertisement deals to have their money revoked because they violated a contract that is based on the premise that they are students and not…Read More

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