• Luke,
    I really liked reading this paper. I actually wrote a paper about this same topic because it is cool. These are strange times for us kids.
    read this article- https://www.americandream.com/
    Love, Sam

  • One of my earliest memories in life was being in hospitals with lots of doctors running constant tests on me. I had been sick the past few months and had been losing weight fast. They couldn’t find out what was

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    Dear Sophie,
    I would agree with you that a women should have the write to have an abortion but I feel you have to look at it from both sides. The argument “My Body, My Rules” is not an argument at all. It is a lazy excuse for you to kill a living human being. Thats why I liked when you talked about how it could be life threatening.…[Read more]

  • Dear Luke,
    I honestly dont know much about tennis or how they distribute the pay between the players, but I do understand the UFC. The ultimate fighting competition I feel is a great example of equal pay in the world of sports. The fighters each get paid based on how much money they bring in, not on how much the commissioner decides is enough.…[Read more]

  • Dear charlie,
    I was very interested when i saw the name of this post and it was scary to read that people are capable of making such terrible weapons. Something I would recommend you look in to is the use of cyber warfare. Cyber operations have been making strides in the world of war and It could effect us if we ever got into another cold war…[Read more]

  • Jesus Christ of Nazareth was probably the most influential individual to ever live. Two thousand years ago, a Jewish preacher started gathering a following to lead them to the “Kingdom of God”. The mov

    • Dear Samuel:
      I am really interested about your post,’’Was Jesus divine?,’’ because you’re talking about if Jesus the son of god or a simple person and you say that the Holy Bible is the book more famous all over the world
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is:’’ If Jesus was not Divine, he was the world’s greatest con man’’ I think this is interesting because…If you believe in jesus or god that doesn’t mean that you’re not bad because the religion is good because convert bad people in good people
      Thanks for for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because… you are interested with your thoughts but you can improve if you strive.

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    Almost everyone of the Democratic candidates this election season have said they will ban all guns. I don’t think all leftist voters want this but im just saying what the people the left are voting for want.

  • Let’s be honest, America isn’t perfect nor will it ever be. But I think living in America is one of the best blessings we could have been given. I do in fact believe that America is the greatest country to ever

    • alex replied 7 months ago

      Hello Sam, I think that your topic is very interesting. For one I did not know that Canada you can get your free speech taken away for life, that is crazy to think about that you can get limited speech for on hateful comment. I think you would like this article on the things america has that some other countries do not. https://www.insider.com/things-only-in-america-2018-3

    • Max replied 7 months ago

      Sam, I completely agree with you. People think that because America has problems it can’t be the greatest country. This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMqcLUqYqrs is supposed to show that America is worse than all these other countries in all these separate fields and therefore cannot be the greatest country. The thing is, we can never be the best at everything, but we are collectively alright at almost everything and that makes it the greatest country in my mind.

    • hey Sam, I found your topic to be really interesting to read. I never realized how much we take free speech for granted and other basic rights that we have in America. It really put it into prespective of other countries and realize that we may not be the best, but we are trying to be. Here is an article that I think you would enjoy. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/06/30/most-americans-say-the-u-s-is-among-the-greatest-countries-in-the-world/

  • I think that the main problem with gun control today is education. So many kids today see a school shooting and just assume that the answer to the problem is banning all guns. I think before you start saying that

    • With all due respect Samuel, who plans on banning all guns? This is a common misconception. The word control does not mean abolish. Some people want to ban all guns, but that is a select few. Most liberal affiliated people just want gun control that they feel can create a better handle on the gun epidemic created in our society. If you can site a source proving that most people want all guns to be banned I will find your comment more credible, but even the most bias of articles like https://www.justfacts.com/guncontrol.asp could translate to you as wanting gun bans, yet this is actually just a push for more sensible mediation.

      • Almost everyone of the Democratic candidates this election season have said they will ban all guns. I don’t think all leftist voters want this but im just saying what the people the left are voting for want.

    • Excellent post Samuel. Many far left wing activists will want to ban guns, but it is nearly impossible. Guns themselves do not kill people, people kill people. Mentally ill, people who may have experienced extreme bullying and harm, have been on their breaking point. Many people who are pushing for gun control are asking for universal backgraound checks. But what most people don’t realize is that THERE IS ONE. Any U.S. citizen legal of age, who purchases a gun from an NRA retailer, must go through a background check also known as the FFL (Federal Firearms Liscense). It is privately owned companies who are selling guns illegally who do not require background checks. Also, safety training for those who do know how to operate a gun it extremely important. Here’s an article more on it, if you’re interested. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Firearms_License#Record_keeping

  • Mr. Eggert,
    I agree with you that this is a very fishy situation. First the mainstream media labels it as a suicide, now the most recent news is saying that it looks like murder. The media is also being really weird about the whole thing.
    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/30/nyregion/jeffrey-epstein-homicide-autopsy-michael-baden.html this source…[Read more]

  • The idea of the American Dream  has been around even before america was started. The Europeans had many plans of what they thought the new world would become but they could never have imagined what it has become

    • Sam, really good ideas, just maybe give it a quick proof-read before you publish it- typos can distract from the real message. I like the cited articles about modern people’s belief in the American Dream. Have you considered the personification of the American Dream as used in classic American literature? Many famous novels such as the Great Gatsby focus on the American Dream and have been staples for the building of the American Dream. Here’s a nice article on these influences: https://theculturetrip.com/north-america/usa/new-york/articles/9-novels-about-the-american-dream/ I would love to hear about more about how the idea of the American Dream has shifted over the past few years. Great work!

    • Hey Sam, I liked your post about the American dream. I agree with the sentiments you express, especially “I hate the fact that anyone in America thinks they can’t achieve their dreams. That number should be zero…” With the growing income inequality in our country, it does feel like younger Americans may not have the opportunities to achieve their dreams in the way previous generations did. I myself have been looking for positive messages about the American dream, and I found this article online that I think you’ll find encouraging. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/05/opinion/american-dream.html.

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