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    Dear Nina,

    I really enjoyed your comic, “Where I come from” because it explained a lot about where you came from and how you were able to learn more about yourself through your experience with your dad. Even though you didn’t know those people you were able to still spend time there. One panel that I really liked from your comic was when you were…Read More

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    Salvador commented on the post, Damian Xavier

    Dear Liz,

    I was really surprised about your memoir and how your parents and you knew about your sisters pregnancy. I thought that it was really interesting how both you and your family knew about her pregnancy. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me was, “She had a life growing inside of her these whole past 9 months, We were not given any…Read More

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    • Dear Salvador,
      I like your comic, its short and cute. I like how by playing soccer, all of you guys forgot about the problem going on with you all. You know how to draw, I hope to see more of your posts in the future. Keep it up!

    • Hello Salvador,
      Thank you for showing your memoir comic. It helps understand Family Dynamic, of how although brothers may have problems, they must stick together because they are family. It also shows the lense of love, that although you and your brothers argue, at the end of the day the love that you have is greater than any anger towards them. Great comic, look forward to seeing more from you.

    • Dear Chava,

      I liked the concept of your comic. I can relate as to when me and my brothers fight we don’t talk. Rather than soccer we play basketball or a game of 2k to settle disputes. Thank you for sharing this piece.

      P.S. Had to post twice cause I didn’t log in the first time.

      Vesna Sot

    • Dear Salvador,
      I like how you write about your relationship with your brothers. You show that no matter what happens between you guys, family will always win and ya’ll stick together no matter what. I hope to have something like that with my own brothers, but i’m afraid we are too apart at this moment. I am glad there’s something all of you enjoy and can do together to be happy!

    • Dear Chava,

      I really wnjoyed your comic memoir “Making Up”.
      It really showed how fearless and supportive you are as a person but as a brother as well. I can relate to you so much in a way that I think we have the same life. I liked your comic for because knowing that you are the middle brother out of all, you showed your maturity and took the role of the bigger brother which is something very important which can help you in life. I really enjoyed reading your comic and I look forward towards reading more of your work. Well, peace dude.

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    Salvador commented on the post, Choices

    Dear Kris,
    I really like your comic, “Choices” I think that it says a lot about yourself and how you became how you are. I like how you emphasized graphic weight on your third panel because it showed how you were nervous or scared to hear the response of your dad. I can see how much you like soccer, it is something that has always helped you be…Read More

  • Dear Elliot,
    I am surprised by what you chose to write about and I agree that sometimes people don’t really tell their stories. They might just want to get done with the assignment that is given to them. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, “Write about myself. Forced to share parts of myself even I don’t like or care to listen to. I…Read More

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