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    • Hello Salvador, My name is Matthew from Fremont High School and I’m a freshman from the school. I’m also working on the same project as you called a “shadow box”. I like how you define yourself by connecting your life into something that is original and nothing that I would have thought about. One question I have about your work is that Why A Xenomorph from Alien? I don’t mean by I don’t like it, I love that you used to represent yourself. Out of all the thing to represent yourself why a Xenomorph? Another question That I have is that How are you so brave? I say this because you said everything in your life that you had to go through even if it was easy or hard. And you just said that in a post on the internet! I think that your brave because even I wouldn’t do that or anybody in my school! I’m done with the questions
      and now I have some positive things to say. I really like how you made things with clay and everything IS SO DETAILED. And another thing that I like that you used Sci-fi to represent yourself. I quite of a bit of a Sci-fi fan and one of my top 5 movies was Alien. So that all and I hope I didn’t mean any offense in this comment so I hope I could comment in some other post you make.

      • Well to answer your question about the alien and xenomorph, in the movies people call the alien xenomorph and the way the people refer to the xenomorph is alien because of the movie’s name, but i will make sure to use only one name to refere to one thing in the future, also did you know that the word xenomorph means alien form, xeno meaning alien and morph means form, thats why they named it xenomorph in the second movie because the marines didn’t know what it was. Hopefuly that answers your question and I realy apreciate feedback.

      • Also for your second question, I don’t know, I did’t realy see myself as brave but I apreceate it

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