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    The Real World

    When working with the Al generator, I got exactly what I was looking for. It was working, but I just wanted to play with it for a little while and see if refreshing it would produce a different essay....

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    • I can tell your comments express your feelings greatly. The author’s way of creating work is unique and it seems like he doesn’t care about what he writes.

    • Salome, I agree with you that when using AI you always got what you were looking for and I really like how you add an example of you using AI. Something that can improve your comment is making it clear where you showing us the example. I wanted to put out that you using a quote for one of the examples of AI is a great way to show it works in many different methods.

  • I would agree with the if someone is mixed they will never seen as white but always black, and also with the part about the women, women go through more when it comes to their health and in the healthcare world, i also like the picture and and how it seems so real

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    I would say that even though this is a mock trial and not your own views I wouldn’t take your side because or come to agree with you, America needs to understand what they are doing to the African American people. But the way you had had deepen your character was amazing

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