• I believe that everyone isn’t comfortable in their own body. One person might think that their body isn’t the perfect shape. Another person might say to themselves: “I’m too fat” when they are just no

    • I disagree with this point of view. I believe that being unhappy with current circumstances is not a problem, in fact I think it is a solution. I think that being unsatisfied is part of human nature. Being unsatisfied is a driving force for innovation and improvement. Think about an athlete who competes in the Olympics. The athlete wishes they are stronger, leaner and faster in order to get first place, so to achieve that goal the athlete trains and trains but now imagine the athlete gave up and said “I’m fine with how I am now and I don’t want to work hard and become better, I don’t want to change because I am body confident.” This mentality is not going to win any medals, instead it will hold the athlete back from reaching their full potential. In summary what I am trying to say is never be happy with where you are at, always strive for more or else you will never improve.

    • Yes, a lot of people have struggled with this. Body image can be very difficult for some people and it honestly sucks not be comfortable in your own skin. But you are correct we only have one body for the rest of our lives so we mine as well love it as much as we can! Although I am sorry to hear about the eating disorders you have struggled with, tell yourself that you are beautiful through all the other voices that say otherwise. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and at the end of the day our body shapes or skin tone is just a shell, it does not define who we are as a person. On a side note, you have very clear and understandable reading, keep up the great work! And I wish you the best!

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