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    GPS trackers, and usability to enforce restraining orders.

    Through my research on the topic of GPS trackers in enforcing restraining orders, I have found the opinion of journalist Misha Valencia very compelling. Valencia discusses the personal aspects of a restraining order and focuses on stark individual cases....

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  • Diana, this should be a problem that is more widely addressed. Do you think there is a reason that people are not hearing about the biases programmed into AI during the hiring process? I would think that such a stark issue should be talked about more. In the efforts to reprogram the AI, how does one insure that absolutely no bias is included in…Read More

  • Gus, I agree with some of your points but disagree with others. When you mention Chernobyl and Fukushima, you mention these as if it was the dangers of nuclear energy that caused that. While nuclear energy surely increased the damages done, Chernobyl was an unauthorized experiment pushing the reactor to its limits, while Fukushima was a mix of…Read More

  • Meghan, I liked how you covered this topic of mental health. I thought it was a very insightful angle to talk about how the normalization of mental health issues can cause more problems for people with serious mental issues. I think that it is important to talk about mental health on an individual basis, and I think you did a great job presenting…Read More

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    Are restraining orders enough?

    Restraining orders are court orders given to keep two people separated. Generally, a restraining order prevents the perpetrator from entering areas where the victim resides, such as their home or work. However, it is shown that people who intend...

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