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How to Slow or Prevent Overpopulation #4

The total population of humans on Earth is over 7 billion, and this number continues to increase at an alarming rate. Overpopulation occurs when an area surpasses its carrying capacity, or “the number of people…that can be supported without environmental degradation” (LeBlanc, 2021). It is largely caused by increases in population, migration, export-reliant economies, or a lack of migration. Some […]

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How to Slow or Prevent Overpopulation #3

This article is divided into sections: individuals, communities, nations, and the world. For individuals, courses of action to prevent further overpopulation include adopting instead of having kids, voting for politicians who understand overpopulation, and spreading these solutions to others. Communities can create set aside land for nature preserves, pass resolutions to reduce population growth, and discourage sprawl development. Nations can […]

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How to Slow or Prevent Overpopulation #2

For the past few years, the annual growth rate in the United States has been on the decline. This means that the US is not growing as fast as it was a decade ago. The decline in the growth rate was caused by dips in natural increase, which is defined by subtracting the number of deaths from the number of […]

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How to Slow or Prevent Overpopulation #1

There are five things we can do to prevent overpopulation. These include fighting for women’s rights so that they are able to choose when and if they have children, and providing quality education for everyone so that they understand the dangers of overpopulation. Additionally, implementing sex education and using more efficient production methods to provide more resources for the current […]

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“One Life” by Megan Rapinoe

I recently read “One Life”, the autobiography of USWNT veteran Megan Rapinoe. I received the book as a gift and never got around to reading it, so I decided to read it for AP Lang this semester. I recommend “One Life” to anyone who is looking to better understand the experience of being a female athlete in today’s world. Rapinoe […]

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How culturally different is the Western Hemisphere from the Eastern Hemisphere?

One large difference between the Western and Eastern Hemisphere is communication. While people are more direct and to the point in the West, communication is more indirect and involves reading between the lines in the East. Professional or business relationships tend to be brief and not as personal in the West, but longer-lasting and more focused on trust in the […]

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Staff Pick

For many years now, Judge Memorial students have been putting together an annual literary magazine. Our litmag, called Catharsis, features art, poetry, prose, and more that the students have created during the school year. Before publishing, the staff editors single out a piece from each category that is especially exceptional. The piece below is a staff pick from the 2017-2018 […]

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