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  • Hi Madi,

    This is a very deep question and I like that this was the topic you came up with. The idea that the universe could end soon scares me, but I feel slightly relieved when I hear that most people think it will end far in the future. I did not really realize that the universe is constantly being stretched out, or that it could even fold in…Read More

  • Hi Saniya,

    I find this very interesting because fear and regrets can really drag people down if they’re not careful. Regretting something you have done in the past can be detrimental to your mental health, so it is important to keep moving forward and looking ahead. The same goes for failure; it can hold you back if you let it. But, it can also…Read More

  • Hi Maria, I agree that a lack reading motivation (in students especially) is an issue that needs to be addressed soon. In my experience, my parents encouraging me to read throughout my childhood has greatly improved my reading comprehension and other English skills. However, people who did not have this encouragement or motivation to read on their…Read More

  • I think it is very interesting that so many people consider gaming to be a sport. I don’t really consider it to be sport since it doesn’t involve moving/exercising your whole body. However, I know that it can improve your reaction time and motor skills, and on top of that, it’s entertaining.

    Thanks for your writing. I enjoyed reading it and…Read More

  • I find this topic extremely interesting, especially as sports are getting more intense and more competitive. I know that many people who I have played a sport with have gotten concussions during games, and they have been ought for several weeks or longer. I would also like to point out that many athletes push through most of their injuries, not…Read More

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