• Writing this research paper has been a journey. It was such a daunting task at first and at times seemed easier but overall it was pretty stressful. I think though it was good thing to experience. With my writing

  • (You can still take it but the new data will not be used)

    Here is a link to some questions regarding Same-Sex parenting and LGBT+ people. I would absolutely love it if you would be so kind as to fill it out. It

    • This is a really interesting topic that you chose. I’m interested to see what other people say. I also really liked the fact that you did a questionnaire. While filling this out, I found myself wondering, why do people care so much if same- sex couples raise children? If children are being raised in a caring environment, why does it matter if their parents are the same sex? As long as the child is receiving the care that it needs, it doesn’t matter.

    • Sara,
      This is a really intriguing topic that you wrote about. I liked how this was a survey and it really got me to think about others and why people care so much on other peoples lives. I believe that if the child is under good care and is has great parents who love and respect them, then why in the world does it matter to other people if their parents are same-sex. This really puts a lot of things into perspective and raises a lot of worry for those who can’t accept the same-sex relationships.

  • At first in my research I really thought about what I wanted to focus on in the kids with same-sex parents. I figured out I wanted to see the psychology behind and the development of the kids. I knew there would

  • Original Prospectus: My research would be on kids who are raised by same-sex parents. The question I intend to answer is how does growing up with same-sex parents affect the child. This to me is very interesting

    • Hey Sara, your post caught my eye due to the strong title. Now a days, same sex marriage is becoming to normal that them starting a family is something a lot of people want also. A article/resource i think that should help is , http://www.aamft.org/imis15/aamft/content/consumer_updates/same-sex_parents_and_their_children.aspx i found a lot of useful information that think you should use.

    • Dear Sara,
      My opinion on “same-sex” parenting is very similar to yours.I too agree that just because you are raised with two female parents or two male parents doesn’t make you any different than being raised by heterosexual parents or only one parent or even your grandparents or even a guardian.It’s all about how the parent parents.

      I found a good cite that you could use for your research paper ( http://www.aamft.org/imis15/aamft/content/consumer_updates/same-sex_parents_and_their_children.aspx) This website is “American Association for marriage and Family Therapy” with the Tile of ” Same sex parents and Their children.” At the bottom it gives you resources from where they go their information from.I thought it was a reliable source because it’s a (.org) so it’s an organization and it want to help you.They also tell you where you can find a therapist which is cool.

    • Dear Sara- I agree with you “I’ve always heard this but never actually saw them make any statements backed up with facts and research” that being born in same sex could affect a kid life because he/she as to deal with a lot in school because how could you talk about it to your friend if they ask you were is your but your dad is your mom and your mom is your dad. “how does growing up with same-sex parents affect the child. This to me is very interesting because I’ve heard from certain people who oppose this that it will harm a child to be raised with same-sex parents. I’ve always heard this but never actually saw them make any statements backed up with facts and research.” I found a site that could help you add more to your article becuase it as more info and datashttps://healtheappointments.com/effects-of-homosexual-and-heterosexual-parenting-a-research-inquiry-essays/

  • Hi Elizabeth! I love the concept of this essay. Your argument is very strong and has a certain appeal to not only students but also parents. They could see this data on how students are being more stressed and this could lead to depression on harming their kids. I really feel like you brought up the main concerns concerning homework and developed…[Read more]

  • Chaos, screaming, bodies on the ground. This is the scene of Las Vegas shooting as hundreds of everyday people were mowed down at an innocent music festival. Sadly this isn’t the only mass shooting the US has s

    • Hi Sara –
      This is a very well written piece, and it highlights very well the problem with our legislative body, particularly in its inability to to just that: legislate. We are at such a roadblock because of the polarization of politics, that people will literally vote on someone purely because they don’t want to vote for another person. This vote may actually be for naught, since the person for which they are voting may hold none of the same views as the person voting, but they do it on principle of hatred for another person, for a name. It’s frustrating. I like how well you highlight just how ridiculous some of the shootings in the past have been. Even more frustratingly, whenever these tragedies happen, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say things like “this isn’t the time to talk about gun laws, this is the time to grieve”. Of course, this IS the time to talk about gun laws, because with stricter ones, this stuff may not happen! I’ve always considered the second amendment argument “being necessary to the security of a free State” funny, because as many people love to say on the left side, it was created when guns had one shot and took minutes to reload. Nowadays, we can’t protect ourselves from a tyrannical government with an AR-15, because they have drones with which they can wipe out cities.
      One thing that you should definitely consider if you want to revise this piece is the number of gun suicides in the United States. If you think terrorism is bad, check out the Fivethirtyeight project detailing gun deaths between 2012 and 2014.
      Thanks for the post!

    • Sara, I like how you used past and present shooting to show how this is still a problem and that not much has truly been done. I feel that America does need stronger gun control. I enjoyed how you brought up that the amendment is old and not really applicable to how the world is now, I use that argument often. I think it’s crazy how our President is putting pro-gun judges STILL after all of the horrible things that have happened lately. I definitely think something has to change.

    • Hi Sara,
      I disagree that more gun control is the answer. I personally believe that the hotel that the Las Vegas shooter was staying at should have had better security. I also believe that schools should have staff who are armed to help prevent mass school shootings. I’m also confused what you’re proposing here, do you feel we just need more gun control or that all citizens should be completely unarmed?

    • Sara,
      This is very well written and I appreciate you shedding a light on this important topic. I like that you bring up the second amendment and how it has not been updated for modern times. Our world is very different than it was when it was added to the constitution and should definitely be updated. I agree that the two political parties should come together to make a compromise on gun control, we have had far too many massacres and you’re correct in saying we have not seen any significant change in our country. It is sad and needs to be changed.

    • Sara, I disagree that more gun control is the answer. Criminals and mass murderers will always have guns. By implementing new laws that would prohibit or slow the process of buying guns, the laws would only prevent law abiding citizens who want guns for recreational, hunting, or safety purposes. Also, in the case of many mass shootings, more security would have stopped these atrocities, not more gun laws.

    • I disagree with your stance on gun control. As tragic as mass shootings are it is important to know that gun control laws only effect law abiding citizens. Those who obtain illegal guns with the intent to do harm, such as the Texas church shooter, will not be stopped by gun control laws. Gun control does nothing to stop criminals from causing harm. Prohibiting law abiding citizens from purchasing and using guns would only cause more harm by infringing on their to right self defense. Although it may not seem like a problem now, it is the right of the people to overthrow the government if need be. Taking away guns would give the government too much control and take power away from the people.

    • Sara, I think you did a great job stating your argument and claims. But, I do have to disagree that more gun control is the answer. I personally believe that if someone really wants a gun than they will do whatever they ant to get it. In short I think that people themselves are the problem not the guns.

    • Hi Sara,

      I liked how you started your essay by setting the scene. You provided an image for your readers to be able to relate to, which was very helpful in proving your side of the argument by using pathos. I liked the outside references to stories about gun violence that many of your audience members knew and could relate to. You had great claims and evidence. I believe that a person reading this could be convinced that we should have control over guns.

      Great job!

    • Sara,
      I really enjoyed your post and thought it was very timely because of all the occurrences of public shootings, especially those done by kids in schools. I liked how you described our right to own guns as an “outdated amendment”, I could not agree more. The second amendment was put in place by our founding fathers after they revolted against Great Britain and wanted the right to own guns in case they ever needed to overthrow an unruly government again. However, I do not think that having guns is necessary for that reason anymore and thus we have zero need for there being more guns than people in America. Thank you for your post, you may find this article helpful for future research: https://www.seeker.com/why-do-we-have-the-second-amendment-1766326654.html .

    • Sara,
      this post was so well written and I really enjoyed reading it. It is a very important topic so thank you for sharing. I completely agree with your stances on gun control, and with regards to the shooting in Florida yesterday, our government has got to make a change. We cannot allow this to continue in our country. Check out this article below that I think you will enjoy!


  • You hear it all the time. I swear if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard it, I’d be a millionaire. Be positive. Where’s the positivity? You just have to be more positive. Back then I couldn’t fully grasp t

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