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    Long Divison comments into an essay.

    I asked AI for help to turn my comments from Now Comment into an essay, pointing out distinctive themes. I am impressed with the outcome. AI generated themes that I saw myself and even wrote some things how I...

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    • I could argue that the comment’s analysis of the book “Long Division” is perceptive and emphasizes the book’s major topics. A powerful weapon for examining race and identity is satire and social/political criticism, and Laymon’s deft use of literary methods helps to bring these topics to life. The book’s examination of this topic increases its relevance and effect. Racism is an issue that has to be addressed on a worldwide scale. Overall, the comment serves as a superb introduction to the book and offers a thorough discussion of its major concepts.

    • I like the picture and how you got into detail what you was talking about

    • It’s great to hear that you found AI helpful in generating an essay that explores the distinctive themes of “Long Division” by Kiese Laymon. I agree with you that AI can be a valuable resource for certain tasks, especially in organizing and presenting large amounts of information. However, I also believe that the human touch is crucial in refining and personalizing the output generated by AI.
      As you mentioned, the use of literary devices, satire, and social/political commentary are key elements in the novel that help to shed light on the oppressive nature of racism and bigotry in modern America. The examples you provided from Now Comment demonstrate how Laymon’s use of satire, in particular, can effectively convey the insidious ways in which racism can be wielded as a tool of power and control.

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    I like that you said “America is breaking free” and the image well represents that.

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    Ryan commented on the post, Unmask the Path to Liberation

    ” It’s interesting how much white people had this obsession for black people, while at the same time showing so much hatred towards them.” This statement really stood out to me because I feel the same way. They love black people and hate us at the same time.

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    Ryan commented on the post, 1619 Project Analysis

    “This disrespect and mistreatment are especially concerning given the historical context of oppression and systemic racism.” After reading your essay this stood out to me the most. As a black woman, it is scary to see how the history/legacy of oppression and racism is still affecting women, more specifically black women today.

  • The ideologies and ideas of power most definitely still stand. Ever since “race” became an established thing it follows us everywhere. On our birth certificates, job applications, and as discussed in the 1619 project series, marriage licenses. It seems to me we will always be classified and judged by our race before anything. Which can actually be…Read More

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