• The colonization of other stellar bodies would benefit the community of Earth indefinitely. In a world plagued by climate change and uncontrolled consumption of resources, being able to terraform and survive on

    • Dear Raymond, I really enjoyed your post, it was full of details and many facts that helped me learn more about this journey to Mars, you provided facts from websites, etc. Great post.

    • Dear Raymond,
      I am satisfied with your post. You explained the facts well and gave excellent examples. It is hard to explain why one believes that humans will move to other planets due to whatever reason it be, with actual facts because of how many sceptics there are in this society.
      One thing you mentioned in your post is “All of this would not be possible, if we did not have a certain resource: humans.”, when mentioning resources, many only explain the natural resources that are found here on Earth, such has water, metals and food. But I like how you mentioned we wouldn’t be able to move our people to Mars without something as simple as using our power as humans.

    • Dear Raymond,

      I am very satisfied with your essay because you show a lot of interesting facts about going on a journey to Mars. I agree with you because we can turn Mars into a second Earth. It is a matter of time before we can make another home for our planet.

      One thing you said that stands out for me is “a close collaborator with NASA and a professor of engineering, we could build structures on Mars using materials from Mars. Behrokh Khoshnevis has developed award winning 3D printers, as well as processes for 3D printing that would allow pioneers to Mars to print large structures within a day, using materials commonly found on Mars”. I think it is interesting because you show a lot of good detail and good theoretical views on a plan to a new life.

      Regards, Jiovannin Valdez

    • Dear Raymond,

      I agree that Mars is the next step for human expedition and science. Simply getting to the moon was an enormous feat for human kind and now that we posses all the technology to reach Mars, I think that it would be foolish to not capitalize on such an immense opportunity. In terms of cost, the amount of money it would take to go to Mars is surprisingly small. If your figure is correct, then going to Mars would be half the price of creating the latest and greatest aircraft carrier. According to an article by Cnet, the USA’s newest aircraft carrier costs $13 billion.

      Keaton Yoshinaga

      link to article: https://www.cnet.com/pictures/meet-the-navys-new-13-billion-aircraft-carrier/

    • Dear Raymond, I thought your post was well said and I enjoyed reading it. I thought you talking about how we have the technology to move to another planet was very interesting, but I have to disagree with you on that. None the less your post was well researched and put together eloquently.

    • Raymond, this is quite an interesting post. However, you focused on the technology, and money needed – I’m interested to think how you would imagine a society would develop, as you say, ” almost completely independent of the home planet for long durations”. Would it be militaristic? Exploitation-oriented? A vacation resort for the wealthiest or a planet-sized industrial sector?

      I would really like to read what further thoughts you have about exploring planets like these, and what form the colonization may take. Thanks for your post!

    • Dear Raymond,
      I am intrigued by your post because terraforming Mars can be viewed as an escape route or plan B in case our own planet can no longer sustain life. One thing you said that stands out for me is: “As of right now, we have the capability to offer people a one-way trip to Mars, the closest, possibly habitable planet.” I disagree with this sentence because it has been scientifically proven that Venus is closer to Earth and that Venus offers a more sustainable and feasible option in terms of terraforming for human colonization.Venus’ atmosphere is thicker and therefore we can create a magnetic field whereas Mars barely has an atmosphere which will cost more to create and sustain one. Also, Venus is considered our sister planet due to its similar mass and surface gravity which makes it the perfect candidate for human colonization.
      Huong Nguyen

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