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Another phrase that was taught to Starr and her siblings by their father Big Mav in order to keep them safe?

A phrase that was taught by Big Mav, Starr's father. If she doesn't stay still or put her hands somewhere visible, she might go through something she doesn't want to just like Khalil. Khalil got shot because he had a hairbrush in his hand and kept moving.

Starr is feeling really scared/nervous. Her mom is holding her hand so that Starr feels a little more at ease.

This sentence basically shows how Starr is mad at Chris. Something probably happened between them before.

I feel like she is tired of people calling/knowing her as Big Mav's daughter instead of knowing her for who she is or as Starr.

What Kenya said to Starr shows that Starr is not someone who is an extrovert/outgoing. It looks like she doesn't like meeting new people. Rather, she sticks by people that she knows.

This sentence means that Starr really feels safe and more relaxed in her neighborhood.

I feel like they are almost on a level to charge Khalil in his own murder.

She feels like she should be loyal to Khalil because that's what he would do. Help Starr out because they are friends. She thinks that she owes him

According to others' assumptions Khalil looks like a bad kid for some reason but when people get to know him, he is just an innocent angel/kid but nothing else.

since Starr will be talking to the juries, she doesn't feel brave or strong enough rather she feels like her legs are shaking and she also feels like a somewhat betrayer.

it sounds good that DeVante and Chris are getting along and becoming close/good friends.

It's a good thing that she is not known just because of her father. Even if she does people don't say hey look she's Big Mav's daughter but instead they just call Starr.


This sentence shows that Starr isn't close to anyone but Kenya. She is also known because of her father most of the time

This point is all about Black People wanting to have the same rights as white people do. It also states how Black people deserve the same opportunities as white people.

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