• Dear Leaders of America,

    I am Ruby Valdez.

    I was searching about Charlottesville and many things happened, such as many injuries and one person died. Many people were standing up for themselves to stop

    • Dear,Ruby
      I am moved by your post, “Dear Leaders of America”, because you were talking about Charlottsville and then you were connecting it to what is happening right now as being a teen and growing up in America with all the oppression around. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is ” What I wish the future could look like in America it is not a lot of white cops who are racist against other people with a different skin color.” This stood out to me because I completely agree with you.
      Sincerely, Grady De Paz

    • Dear Ruby Valdez,
      I am very proud of your work and what you wrote I also agree what you wrote because many teenagers die in a young age because of something bad that happened in our society. “Growing up as a teenager in America is bad because many people get killed at a young age, sometimes even little kids. I have been in a protest to stand up for myself to stop the violence and racism”. Wow that’s very powerful and that’s something good to do and help society out. It very stood out to me that you actually did something to help out in the community by protesting. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you talked about the things you don’t like and what America needs to change to make it better and how you want people just to be equal and not argue about things that aren’t important.
      Sincerely, Ying

    • Dear Ruby,
      I really liked your post because I just thought it was really cool how you joined a protest so you can fight against violence and racism. I also think that it is really unfair that little kids die at a young age and that women don’t have the same rights as men. I also agree with you because just because people are different skin colors doesn’t mean that we have to treat them different.
      Kimberly Salazar

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