• Hi Kalani, I love your idea of helping teen moms because it is a much more common thing in our society these days. Do you think that the best way to help them is give them baby supplies or do you feel like these girls could be helped before the fact and aid them with contraceptive methods? I think that this topic is hard to deal with because of…[Read more]

  • Hi Yasmine, I think your concern for the human trafficking problem in the U.S. is a very significant issue that really needs help. I think you have a really great idea on how to raise money for the MISSSEY foundation, but do you think it is enough money? Will you get enough profit from selling candy because if you have to buy all that candy then…[Read more]

  • Hi Christina, I love the idea of Diabetes prevention because it is a very prominent health issue in our society right now. I was wondering what kind of posts you would post on your Instagram to make people care about the content. I feel like if they were just posts about the dangers of Diabetes no one would want to have that in their feed.…[Read more]

  • The FLDS Church teaches the doctrine of plural marriage, which emphasizes that a man having multiple wives is a commandment by God. It is believed that a man should have at least 3 wives to fulfill the doctrine

  • In the FLDS culture, there are many discrepancies on how men and women are treated and what happens to those who are not considered part of the religion anymore. These people are thrown out of the community and

    • This is so sad. I think it is interesting how this group values the polygamy practice for older men, rather than investing in their future. I had never heard of these boys and I thank you for bringing this issue to light. I hope that raising awareness will help these unfortunate children and young men receive more support and lead to bigger change. I could not find many articles on this subject that I think would help you. However, if you were able to include more testimony from these boys, it would add an entirely new level of depth to this article.

  • Anna, This is one of my favorite things to read about I am obsessed with crime stories and I really thought I knew about all this but reading this I had no idea. I really did not know the difference between the two, I thought that mass murders were just someone that killed a bunch of people. Adding onto what Miriam said do you think that the…[Read more]

  • This topic is crazy I had no idea that everyone is capable of mediumship. Have you ever met a medium? I would love to hear about the science behind this idea as well, if there is any. This article might help you out with this https://www.livescience.com/25055-medium-brain-trance-writing.html

  • Jill, I think this topic is perfect for the society that we live in these days, and I agree that our world is dominated by the media. I think it would be really interesting to hear your take on how you think that social media is affecting our world. Not only celebrities in the media but also how it affects non celebrities. Do you have any…[Read more]

  • Warren Jeffs is the current president and self-proclaimed prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is currently in prison in 2011 he was convicted of two felony counts of

  • Ozzie, this topic is very interesting but I really know nothing about it. I like how you talk about the technology in the cars but I think it would be easier to understand if I had a background of the rules of racing. I think if you added that it would really bring this to the next level. This website might help…[Read more]

  • Ruby commented on the post, Basque Country 1 year, 2 months ago

    Madi, I love this topic I think it is so interesting. I love how you incorporate the history of the Basques and how they were pushed to the unknown. I think it would be super cool to look at how the Basque language was incorporated into other languages. The wikipedia page on the basques has a section on how it effects other languages that could be…[Read more]

  • This is a very relevant topic to all people and I think that it is important that people are educated on these things, especially parents. It is interesting to learn about other sports you wouldn’t really think causes a significant amount of concussions. I think it would be really interesting to compare your knowledge of hockey with the statistics…[Read more]

  • This topic is so creative and interesting to discuss. I loved how you vary from history to the present day ideas on how it changes. I think that if you went more in depth on how the names of the constellations change, it would be super interesting.

  • This article details a woman’s funeral, Foneta Jessop, and how the community comes together on occasions like this to show the bond that they have together. It is stated that 3 to 4 thousand people come to the 1

  • This recording is a reading from Othello act 1 scene 2 lines 75 through 84. I was reading as the character Brabantio who is a rich and powerful business man and the father of Desdemona. In this passage he is

  • Luis,

    You have constructed a very good argument on why schools should limit online speech. However the evidence you cited contradicts your stance on the issue. You cited the Tinker V. Des Moines case in which the students won, “school officials could not censor student speech unless it disrupted the educational process. Because wearing a black…[Read more]

  • Cohabitating in an ever-changing society can be a challenge to all people, some more than others. Within our changing society, we can also be challenged with the idea of new technology to advance our development.

  • Issac,
    Your writing is very interesting and I loved learning more about you. I love how you started your essay with “Who am I?”, it really drew me into your piece. Then you followed with your name and what you like to be called. I wish that you would explain why you like to be called Elisa because that part was very intriguing for me. I also…[Read more]

  • Emilee, I loved your piece on the effects of poverty in our nation. The way that you used the relation of a book you read to current national events makes the topic easier to understand. My favorite part was your last paragraph, when you said “Poverty is a hard thing for all people to understand no matter your social class to how others might be…[Read more]

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    Angela, I loved your poem, it was simple, short and made a great point. I liked the use of repetition of “I am” in your poem it made it easy to read. The one thing it was hard to tell was if you were talking about just your mother or your father or your extended family. If you were to revise I would keep this in mind because that will give your…[Read more]

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