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    Emotions of art

    In the article "How does music heal us?" by Paul McCartney, I learned how song puts us into a certain emotion whether that be happiness or sadness. As music has been around for so long that It would make...

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    • Dear Ruby,

      I believe I relate well to your post, “Emotions of Art”. I’ve noticed that I have been more motivated lately by strong emotions. I’m also not always the best at admitting flaws in my art process.
      One sentence that particularly stood out to me was “emotions can be messy but also helpful.” I think it relates well because I find that even though emotional motivation might not result in the best of my work. It definitely helps me to put that on paper though.
      I’m curious about this picture above, what is behind it? Was it emotional motivation, inspiration? Was this just a character you wanted to draw?
      Thank you for your writing, I look forward to what you write next.

    • Dear Ruby, I am impressed by your post,¨Emotions of art¨, I am still shocked about use not having music. we express are self with music to show people how we feel or have fun playing music with friends. one sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Also include many others feelings portrayed by different people as well”. I think this is most like free because music can be defined for people and make them feel happy or sad. thank for your writing. i look forward to seeing what you write next, be back to see your writings!

    • Dear Ruby, I enjoyed reading your post. I feel how you related music and emotions is relatable to me.

      Emotions can be hard to control but with the right song sometimes it speaks for you. A sentence that stood out to me was when you said, “… emotions can be messy but also helpful is used in the right way.” I think this is true because some people don’t know how to express what they’re feeling but learning how to express and control them can be helpful when communicating.

      Thank you for writing your piece. I look forward to your writing and being able to see your views and thoughts on other topics.

      Brandi Alvarez

    • Dear Ruby, I enjoyed reading your post. Your writing make me feel happy that there is people who feel the same about music.

      Music has the ability to evoke powerful emotional responses such as chills and thrills in listeners. Positive emotions dominate musical experiences. Listening to music is an easy way to alter mood or relieve stress in my experiences. A sentence that stood out to me that you wrote was “Art itself makes me feel prideful, or in other terms cocky when it come out well and people approve whether it is good or terrible because they see the emotions put through it”. Art and Emotion. One central feature of aesthetic experiences is their ability to arouse emotions in perceivers.

      Thank you for writing. I look forward to your next writing. I really found it interesting on how you wrote about this topic.

      James Duarte

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  • Ruby commented on the post, How does music heal us?

    Dear author,

    I am impressed by your post, “How does music heal us?”, because I am one who applies by what you have said. Whenever I get upset or the world tosses me down off my feet I plug into music. Once sentence that stand out for me is, “Most of the time we associate songs with different memories.” I think this is very accurate because with…Read More



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