• Often times people wonder what they eat daly? If it was produced in the proper manner as in if it is organic. But some people do not know that the majority of the food they buy are genetically modified. Genetic

    • I agree that people are not aware of what they are eating and some of the foods that they eat have been tested on animals and caused abnormal reactions and people eat these things still without knowing some of the effects.

  • Genetic engineering is based on the process of manually adding DNA to an organism. The reason why is because the goal is to add another trait, doesn’t have to be just one it can be more than one; but that is not

    • I agree with this because when I did furter research on it gave me the same information plus what was added

  • This is a brief explanation why I support this wonderful group. Live, Love, and Laugh because life is too short to be discriminating people.

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    President Trump signed an executive order that took off the obama administration to  ensure that federal contractors complied with labor and civil rights laws forbidding discrimination based on sexual o

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    Often times people do not realize that they are sometimes hurting others. When it comes to gay rights lots of people do not show much interests perhaps because of religion or personal morality. I stand for LGBT

    • Ruby,
      I have relatives as well that are part of the LGBT community and they feel like they have a disadvantage in society because everyone looks at them in a different way. People that are gay, lesbian, or transgender do not deserve any other type of treatment besides the treatment everyone else deserves. They are citizens of the US so why are they treated unfairly? This makes no sense. Me myself not being gay probably has a different perspective than people that are. But all I can say is that I think everyone needs to be treated fair.


    Hello everybody, My name is Ruby Hernandez and my research project is about Violence Against Women in Ciudad Juarez. In this audio I am briefly explaining the type of violence I am majorly focusing on and

  • That is a very strong way to start writing about a clear issue on what it is that is happening. Although, I really like how you mention that people are ” close minded” because if you would of used ” ignorant” it would sound like an insult. I can feel your passion and your determination of having ethnic studies and I totally agree with it. In fact,…[Read more]

  • I am impressed by the many ideas, solutions and reasons you gave on this issue. Your letter sounds persuasive but it will be much stronger if you give a personal experience, someone you know. Other than that having mentors who can make workshops on how to deal with stress or talk about how they feel sounds like a really good exercise. Although,…[Read more]

  • I really like how you identified what a newcomer is and the problem that is alarming them. But you could have said that newcomers should also bond with students that are bilingual, that way our community could be more stronger and stand up for those who are bullies. Just saying…

  • Awesome! I believe that this solution will have lots of good benefits for all schools and districts. Your image sends a strong message about social media being the reason why teenagers consider suicide as the only alternative.

  • Hello everybody! My name is Ruby Hernandez. The assignment for my English class were to practice a few exercises giving eye contact.

  • Hello everybody! I’m Lizet Hernandez and I am uploading three videos of me saying a phrase with different tones, for my English class. When I was recording myself I felt a bit insecure because I don’t like the way

  • The names of the videos that I watched was Ted’s secret to great public speaking and Good and Bad examples  of Presentation.  Anderson wanted viewers to understand that when giving a good presentation is und

  • Throughout building a miniature stage, I thought about the Barbies that I have and the dolls that would fit in the scene of Othello and Desdemona.

    From act 5 scene 2 Desdemona and Othello are having a fight about

  • The words that I decided to use was Citadel, thou, hither. The word Citadel comes from the 15th century which means “fortress commanding a city” To be honest it is pretty old, I have never heard this word in any


    My name is Lizet Hernandez and I am currently reading Othello. To begin with I pick Act 1 scene 3 lines 194-203  when Desdemona told Brabantio her love for Othello and like her mom showed her father that s


    I think the reason why Shakespeare is still studied in school is because Shakespeare is a great example of an excellent dramatic poet.  His famous quotes for example ” I am not, what I am” is so famous b

  • To the YV community, this is my response to the Warm-Up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality.


    Dear R

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