• Climate change is mainly a result of burning fossil fuels. Because of the greenhouse effect, excess heat is trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. This then causes many issues to arise, such as global warming, the m

    • It is no secret that the effects of climate change on the ocean are becoming catastrophic.Ocean acidification and the killing of coral is dramatically affecting every part of the aquatic ecosystem. I thank you for spotlighting this important and cataclysmic event. I only wonder if you could maybe add a bit more to the article. You give a great hook to capture audiences. Expand on this more. https://www.pmel.noaa.gov/co2/story/What+is+Ocean+Acidification%3F Here is an article that talks about ocean acidification. Read this and expand and I will definitely be back read more.

    • The ocean is one of the most beautiful places on this planet and its sad that mankind has affected it so much. You did a great job publishing this piece to inform people about the scary and impending doom we face if we continue living and dumping into our bodies of water.

    • I love reading about these issues because I know from the publicity it is gaining there are more people who will also take a stand! I think that your post really helped to highlight the specifics like coral that are in danger because of these fossil fuels. I really appreciate that you have chosen to focus on such an important topic, especially one that I am so enthusiastic about. Thank you!

    • Dear Allison,

      I am happy with your post, “Climate Change and the Ocean,” because I like to think about how we as a generation have to work together in order to save the future of the Earth.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “This then causes many issues to arise, such as global warming, the melting of glaciers, and the rise of sea levels.” I think this is a really good quote because it focuses on EVERYTHING that climate change impacts.

      Thanks for your writing

  • Its very interesting that some people still believe that the earth is flat. I had no idea that this was something that people still have debate over.

  • Another contributing factor to our ocean’s poor conditions and additional cause to The Great Barrier Reef dying is ocean acidification. Ocean acidification occurs when emissions of CO2 seep into the ocean. This

  • I’ve always been fascinated with topics like this, yet I did’t know why. Reading your article was really interesting to me, because I was unaware of the rationale behind people being intrigued with killers.

  • This is fascinating. I was unaware of this part of Andrew Jackson’s campaigning. I thought it was especially interesting when you said “It was improper for gentlemen in the Revolutionary-era to publicly self-promote. Andrew Jackson changed this ideology.”

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    Amy, I think this is so interesting! I think it’s so fascinating how ceramics has played such a large role throughout history, even though post people don’t tend to normally focus on it.

  • The Great Barrier Reef has undergone significant changes in the past two years. It has encountered two drastic bleaching events. Coral bleaching is caused by change in temperatures of water. The coral get

    • Ive heard a lot about our coral reefs being damaged, but I never knew why. Do you think that there is any way to reverse the damage done or minimize further damage? What sort of implications will this have on the ecosystem of the ocean in addition to tourist attractions and the economy? I would love to hear more from you.

  • Over half the Great Barrier Reef has died off since 2016 due to climate change. Because of the rapid change in climate, corals are beginning to bleach and over 50% have already died off. Coral bleaching takes

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    This was a really nice piece of writing. I liked how you used examples throughout your writing that helped to carry your telling of this story. I think paragraph four is really impactful and I believe that you’re making a really important statement here. Below is a source that has similar information to your paper that you might find…[Read more]

  • You make some good points throughout your writing. However it would be nice to add in a counter example, showing a different point of view. Adding more examples of how limiting online speech can be viewed negatively would be more affective in creating a strong argument. Below I’ve listed some sources that might be helpful to add information onto…[Read more]

  • George Orwell predicted that people will become less tolerant towards immigrants. He predicted that people will grow apart and divide. “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” (Orwell, 1984). The

  • Angela, I really liked your thoughts on the law of attraction. I agree with you when you said that good things will come your way if your positive and optimistic.

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    Hi Erik, I really enjoyed reading this piece of writing. I love expressing my creativity and incorporating it into everything I do. I agree that its one of the more important traits one can have because it can be applied in multiple areas throughout one’s life.

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    I love this piece of writing. It’s simplistic yet tells a story.

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    I really liked the quote you used when you said “‘In 1965, illegal abortions made up one-sixth of all pregnancy- and childbirth-related deaths.'” I thought this was very impactful and brought things into perspective.

  • By reading these articles I learned more about the costs of animal testing. I was aware that testing on animals was wrong, but I didn’t know the serious costs behind it and certain methods that are used when a

    • After reading your response, I want to take a different mindset into the products I use and if they have an impact on animal testing or not. I was mostly unknowing of the fact that animal testing is also harmful to humans, but your response helped me think deeper into animal testing.

    • You have a very good point in that animals and humans don’t always react the same way to chemicals and other things that are tested. I’d be interested to hear about any specific occurrences of this happening.

    • I truly enjoyed this post and it makes me want to change the way we live and the way we treat animals. I totally agree with you when you say “I will do my best in using products that don’t involve the torturing of animals.” And I also found this amazing website that makes people aware of the problems like you do here…
      Thank you Raine!

    • I am in love with your post, “Exploring a Political Topic: Animal Testing,” because I am very passionate about companies being cruelty free.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “There are alternatives to animal testing such as human volunteers, computer modeling, and vitro testing, which are microscope slides that contain human cells.” I think this is interesting because I’ve heard about those alternatives, especially vitro testing. It is upsetting how simple these testing methods are and no companies are taking into consideration the alternatives.
      Another sentence that I found intriguing was: “ I will do my best in using products that don’t involve the torturing of animals..” This stood out for me because i strive to stay away from products that involve animal testing as well.
      Your post reminds me of when I was researching animal testing and came across PETA. You included a link to them and I really liked how you did so because their website contains good information that needs to be shared among others.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I want your audience to be more educated about animal testing if they aren’t already. Feel free to check out my twitter at @noanimaltesti10 or https://twitter.com/noanimaltesti10 and my wordpress blog at http://animaltesting.video.blog . I have a video on my blog that talks about why animal testing should be stopped which I think you may find interesting.

    • Dear Raine,
      I am fascinated with your post, “Exploring a Political Topic: Animal Testing,” because I’ve looked into the topic of animal cruelty myself but never went too into depth with animal testing. I’m shocked to believe that humans relied on the more expensive and harmful choice when there were clearly better options. Your post has opened my eyes to just how badly animals are being treated especially during animal testing even while we can easily avoid this cruelty.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “There are alternatives to animal testing such as human volunteers, computer modeling, and vitro testing, which are microscope slides that contain human cells.” I think this is saddening because people are going out of their way to abuse animals when there are easier and better methods to use. People can choose to consider these options instead of constantly abusing animals.
      Another sentence that surprised me was: “ Experimenting on animals doesn’t just harm the animals involved in it, but also can negatively affect the people as well.” This stood out for me because people not only go out of their way to harm animals, they harm themselves in the process but continue to use these methods anyway.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your posts clearly identify the problem and possible solutions. Your posts also use reliable sources that can be further analyzed by the reader. Thank you for addressing the problems people avoid. If you want to check out my wordpress blog, you can find it at https://theanimalsaviors.wordpress.com/

    • Dear Raine
      I am intrigue to know that another person has a lot of interest in Animal Cruelty and Animal testing. In your post “Exploring a Political Topic: Animal Testing” because of how you realized the inhumane conditions animals have to go though, when they are used as testing subject. I also like how you mentioned make up. Within makeup products animals are used a lot in cosmetics world, being In the products and tested on.
      One thing that stood out to me was “There are alternatives to animal testing such as human volunteers, computer modeling, and vitro testing, which are microscope slides that contain human cells.” yet some companies still use animals as resource when testing their products which make me sad to knowing that fact.
      If wanting to know how to more about animals being used in the cosmetic world read my blog post https://theanimalsaviors.wordpress.com/2019/05/07/watch-my-youtube-video-to-know-what-can-found-in-your-make-up/

  • Your shadow box is beautiful and I love the meaning behind it. I relate to how you mentioned you may appear shy when first meeting someone knew and then open up once they get to know you. Overall, you did an amazing job both with the box itself and the description portion.

  • I loved how you expressed your story and shared your point of view. This is challenging topic to speak about, and you presented it in a really well done way.

  • I like how you had a formal tone throughout the paper and stated your opinion very nicely and did a good job overall!

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    I really enjoyed your discussion of this topic. You made many convincing points. You also present many sides of the situation

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