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    Gun Owners Support Gun Control?

    The article "Many Gun Owners Support Gun Control. So Why Don't They Speak Out?" (Aubrey 2022), reveals that a significant number of U.S. gun owners endorse gun control measures, such as raising the legal gun ownership age and implementing...

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    • Dear Roy, 

      Your post made me think about how many gun owners are scared to speak out as fear hampers them from openly expressing how they really feel. As well as how about 70% of gun owners are hesitant to engage in gun violence prevention due to feelings of alienation. Something I wonder is what are they scared of.


    • Dear Roy, your post made me think that more gun owners should really begin to think about advocating for gun control. I think that these firearm owners should not be afraid to speak out because as gun owners their opinion matters and could make a difference. Something I wonder is, Why should gun owners be afraid of blame if they speak out?


    • Dear Roy, your post made me think that certain common-sense gun measures are indeed useful since even gun owners do support them. Additionally, your post made me think that gun owners remain silent perhaps out of fear that if they do demonstrate their support for some degree of gun control it can cause the government to take further action and impose even stricter gun control policy. Something I wonder is what would it take for gun owners to really demonstrate their support for gun control, would it be a response to governmental policy or a response to tragedy?


    • Dear Roy, your post made me think that gun owners should support this due to having children. I think their decision is because guns could be dangerous if children are around. Something I wonder is why are gun owners scared of this.

      Sincerely Juan,

    • Dear Roy,

      Your post made me think about the different kinds of situations those who want to prevent gun violence go through mentally. They may have some kind of fear being a gun owner and going out and saying things that may make gin control even more strict than it already is. Something I wonder is that would there be a way for anonymous suggestions?


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    Why do Gun Owners want GUNS?

    In the article, ”Gun Demanding: The Psychology of Why People Want Firearms'' (Burnett 2018) I learned about the psychology of gun owners. After several mass shootings, the topic of gun control has become a heated debate in America. One...

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    Background Checks - Gun Rights

    In the online website, “Universal Background Checks” (Sandy Hook Promise 2023) I learned that Background checks protect against gun violence. Background checks are run before the sale of a firearm and prevent criminals from completing a purchase. In the...

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  • Dear Marty,
    Your post made me think more about the issue of gun violence and the urgent need to take action to guard against it. I also looked into background checks and red flag laws which is why I agree these regulations should be in place to ensure public safety. As you continue to research, I hope you discover more about gun rights and ways…Read More

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