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    I really enjoyed reading this. Male body dysmorphia is almost never mentioned and I think it is amazing that you were able to write about it. It is a very important topic that should be talked about more. That being said I think this is very well written and I look forward to more posts.


  • Samyah, I really love how vulnerable you were in this poem. I think that learning how to be comfortable in your own body is a very important concept for everyone. I think this poem is a great way to express the complicated emotions that come with learning to love yourself.  It was very beautifully written and I look forward to reading more from you.

  • I Adalia,
    I love the way you talk about recovery from betrayal as this is not often talked about. It has become a lot more common and I know several people as well as myself that could benefit from this. Betrayal brings an emotional plain so strong that it turns physical and I think it is very important to spread awareness of removing from this.…Read More

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    Ableism in Our Society

    I often find myself questioning our society’s view on disability. I believe that our world is inheritably ableist. Now I know that is a bold statement, but hear me out. Disabled has always been a negative word. That alone...

    Read More
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    Christopher, I think what you said here is a very interesting take on the situation. I definitely think this situation could have been handled better than it was. Personally, I do think this person deserved to have some type of punishment, but what they decided to do was a bit harsh. I think she should have had a chance to explain herself to the…Read More

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