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    Did you have struggles finding a job?

    Young people struggle to find work. The epidemic has hit young and old around the world hard, leaving them unemployed. In Europe, people are having difficulties in searching for a job. The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly fueling a new...

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    • Dear Rosa,

      I am surprised by your post, “Did you have struggles finding a job?” because I never really thought about how the coronavirus hit others across the globe. I think it’s great sharing information that many people like me aren’t informed about, especially about this whole pandemic going on. Something that stuck out was, “The European Union jobless rate for people 25 and under jumped from 14.7 percent in January to 17.6 percent in August (compared to 7.4 percent overall).” It’s saddening to know that many people are losing their livelihoods due to something they didn’t expect or see coming. I could only imagine how bad It was in the beginning, particularly with most having almost no control over what was occurring. Thanks for the writing. I look forward to reading more of your informative writing.


    • Dear Rosa,

      I am shocked by reading your post “Did you have struggles finding a job” because I really never thought that this many people would be unemployed. But it’s very interesting that you wrote something outside of the United States because we are the country that is affected the most by this virus. One sentence that I liked was “Young professionals are being disproportionately hit, economically and socially, by lockdown restrictions, forcing many to make painful adjustments like moving back in with their parents.” I found this sentence very hard to believe because I thought that we were having a bad time other countries are struggling equally or even worse than us. But anyway thanks for sharing this very informational piece of text I’m looking forward to what you post in the near future.


    • Dear Rosa,
      I was very intrigued by your post, ” Did you have struggles finding a job?” because it is impressive how much you learned about the unemployment rates of Europe. I never thought unemployment was so big in other places as well. I’ve seen it occur here in The U.S but didn’t realize it was bad everywhere in the world. Unemployment has changed many people’s lives in bad ways and it’s sad to see how high the rate has gone. In this post I see you are talking more about the young people’s point of view but, it’s not only them having difficulties but also older people who have families to support. They not only have to worry about themselves but also their families. Which makes it harder for them to just move back to their parents house which leads them to becoming homeless and jobless.
      Thank you for writing this post. I am looking forward to seeing what you will be writing about next.

    • Dear rosa,

      I am very surprised by your wonderful post, ” Did you have struggles finding a job” never in a million years did i ever think that something like this can affect us and our work ability. I enjoy reading the information that you have for us and i agree with you it left many people unemployed and jobless. And young teens that have been enter to the U.S to work and get the chance to help out there family but with the covid 19 it affected it all. Something that stood out to me the most was ” Years of job growth have disappeared in a matter of months, leaving more than twice as many young people as other adults out of work”. Everything that you said was perfect. Thank you rosa for this helpful information.

    • Dear Rosa:
      I am surprised by your post, “Did you have struggles finding a job?,” because it can be really tough to find a job that fits your schedule. And now during a pandemic, it is even tougher. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The epidemic has hit young and old around the world hard, leaving them unemployed.” I think this is important because it shows that the pandemic has affected many lives, not just young nor old. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because we shared similar thoughts amidst this writing piece.
      Ricardo Sanchez

  • Dear Edwin,
    I personally believe it’s terrifying and awful because it’s hard enough that people have lost their work, but your writing makes it clear that it may be even worse that people of all ages are dying. I read that your friend Juan has got the lockdown virus and thank you for sharing this with us in quarantine.
    Rosa Zavala

  • Hello Milo
    In my opinion, I think that as more people come to Utah for a number of causes, this is a very common problem and even more so. I assume that, while not cost-effective, your article from SolutionsU provides a viable approach to the problem. I can also suggest that using more energy-efficient vehicles, carpooling more, using public…Read More

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    Education Reform

    In our society today, school reform is a significant factor. Its key aim is to improve and, thus, strengthen public education in terms of educational theory and reality. The reform of education centers on the performance of student achievement...

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    Students having hardships during the pandemic

    Aya Raji's "I Felt Like I Was Suffocating" post addresses the pandemic and how it has influenced the personality and mental health of teenagers. Social alienation has been a big concern and has been a product of anxiety and...

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