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    Rosario commented on the post, Curious George

    Dear Miguel,
    I thought your title was very creative and engaging, but reading your story was even more worth it because everything connected. You’re curious about the past and I think that’s a great quality, since most people only care about themselves or the future. We need more people like you to think of our history so we won’t create the same…Read More

  • Joanna,
    I like your writing piece I think it is very sincere and something very relatable. I had to go through a change too but I am glad things got better for the both of us. Change can always be good for people.
    Besides the story I like the structure of your writing. I think its very clear how you did verses and then words to describe…Read More

  • Vesna,
    I loved your writing because it is more complex than just finding a lens. I think this piece of writing has to be thought about way more to actually be able to connect to a lens simply because it has been thought about really well. This poem I think is all together a metaphor to something that can be simply said. This shows me how much you…Read More

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    Rosario commented on the post, Double visions

    Dear Gabby,
    this is sooo good! you write with so much style, I can almost hear this coming from your own voice. The story itself is also very strong. I know you wrote with a lot of emotions and I’m glad you spoke your true feelings. I can relate to your story in a vague view point because I know we are both way more complicated in reality. Anyhow…Read More

    • Dear Rosario,

      I think everyone who had a trip felt isolated at first so in a sense you weren’t alone. You had nice illustrations and I enjoyed reading this story from you. Let me tell you about embarrassing moment #3, I cried the first night of my trip because I was really homesick. But as time went on, I formed relationships with the people around me and we were there to support one another in the Colorado Mountains. Your piece brought back memories for me and I appreciate you for sharing it.

      P.S. Had to post twice cause I didn’t log in the first time.

      Vesna Sot

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