• Dear Oakland Athletes,

    Imagine all the passion you have for a sport and that being shattered in a matter of seconds due to you having an accident that prevents you from playing. Have you wondered how that

  • Crime rate in Oakland is 74 per one thousand residents and has one of the highest rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes (Neighborhood Scout).  Violent crime is an assault that criminals do in

    • Dear Ronny,
      I think that it is very important to assert this problem. I agree that crime in Oakland is a huge problem and when you said “property crime is rising because a lot of people are stealing because of rents going up” it reminded me about my own post. My post is about Proposition 13, which is a law that precludes the government from raising taxes by more than 2% each year. I was wondering about your perspective on this law. You say that higher prices for rent is what is causing the property crime rate to go up, so do you think that Prop. 13 is an important contributor to crime rate going down? Also, on the AreaVibes website (https://www.areavibes.com/oakland-ca/crime/), it explains that “The amount of violent crime in Oakland, CA has decreased by 11%” per 100,000 people. What do you think about this data? Do you believe that it is false? Or do you believe that a decrease of 11% year to year is not enough to show real results? This post helped me think more about the certain flaws in our city that affect the citizens both physically and mentally. Thank you for writing it, you did a great job.

    • Dear Ronny,
      I agree with your post because they should stop this at some point. Also, I agree with his “Gun violence is a different way than violent crime instead of physical attack they shoot because they have a weapon they can use” because they need a gun to kill someone and that’s how most people die and these type of situations. hank yo for writing it, you did a good job.

    • Dear Ronny,
      Hi, I am a student at San Jose State University and I appreciate your research on your post. I have lived in the Bay Area for the majority of my life and have always known that Oakland was a dangerous place, but your post has allowed me to become more aware of how big of a role crime has in that area. The statistics that you used on your post was extremely powerful, like when you cited that “‘In Oakland, CA your chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 77” (AreaVibes).'”. While researching about homicides in Oakland, did you come across certain trends or causes to what makes homicide rates increase or decrease?
      I also thought your explanation as to why property crime has been increasing was very precise and clear. Great job on your research and blog post! Thank you for informing others about this serious issue.
      Jiahn Kim

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