• Hey Tim,

    I find it very annoying how people have the audacity to not follow stay at home orders during quarantine like you mentioned they don’t acknowledge the severity f the situation at hand. And it is a very scary situation indeed, you could be sick and infecting people (especially if you are not staying home) and not even know about it…[Read more]

  • Hey Natalie
    We’re in the same boat. I hate that we won’t be able to ever have the full experience of senior year. I don’t know about you but I felt absolutely defeated when this madness started. Putting in 110 percent effort year after year only to be met with the reality that you “won’t be able to walk.” Oh yeah, and no more games or dances or…[Read more]

  • We are in the midst of a national pandemic. Hundreds of lives lost every day, families are being torn apart, special moments taken away. At the beginning of senior year, my theology teacher gave us a

    • I like the message in this article. We may not get our traditional graduation celebration. But that doesn’t take away from any of our accomplishments. We still graduate we still made it. Not having graduation can put a damper on everything and we may not be inclined to celebrate, but we should because we deserve it.

    • Ronata! The ideal graduation is filled with tears, hoorays, and goodbyes. But this one year is unique its one of a kind. Lucky or not we are apart of history, we were the 2020 graduates who the suffered with this pandemic. But instead of focusing on “aww poor us” we are part of history. And we are ready for the next chapter in our lives.

  • Is America’s law enforcement just or unjust? This was the title of my survey where I asked a variety of questions to a variety of people on the topic of law enforcement and police brutality and their stance on w

  • Hey Kathryn, I really enjoyed reading your post. I remember taking your survey and seeing the specificity of some of the questions you asked. I am for the side that does believe that protests matter, it gains a lot of attention on media especially since our age group takes up a large majority of it. But although I support protests I don’t think…[Read more]

  • When it comes to the reformation of the United States Justice System, one must notice the underlying problems. We could discuss how minorities and men are the most targeted individuals or the huge racial

  • by Alix Langone

    As strange as it may seem, there have been many incidents of police misconduct at Wafflehouses across the East Coast. This specific incident that happened in May of 2018 at a Wafflehouse

  • Hi Diego. I agree with you that war overall is a parlous act. There are better ways to handle disputes between nations or even disputes within a single one. War benefits neither side, at the end of the day loses are taken by both ends so a win is never really a win. To often humanity turns to fighting as a way to settle things once and for all but…[Read more]

  • A lot of the discussions on this website tend to be really substantial so reading this made me happy. The internet is definitely full of interesting little things and the fact that you found this both surprises me and intrigues me. The fact that people take the time out of their sometimes, busy days to staple bread to trees (and not always knowing…[Read more]

  • Many people would argue that the cost of attending a college or university is outrageously high. Some would debate this claim. In an article an organization explains how one Maine school has significantly cut the

    • Ronata I completely agree with lowering college prices. Colleges are way too overpriced and not everyone has the money to even pay for college so lowering the prices would give equal opportunities. Here is an article similar to the topic. https://dailygazette.com/article/2017/05/26/lowering-college-tuition-is-a-good-idea

    • Ronata,

      I do support the claim that college tuition has become increasingly high as of late, and that there needs to be a means to take action to resolve this issue. I found the concept of using high school credits to cover college credits very interesting as this would amount to less time in college, and a lower tuition. Student debt is also a huge problem in this country and I hope this method could help lower student debt rates as well. I don’t believe this method is a waste of time because in order to resolve an issue, we must experiment with solutions.

      Here is an interesting article that presents another solution, income share agreements, to help resolve the issue of outrageous tuition rates:

      Looking forward to what you write next,

    • I agree, the price for higher education nowadays is getting ridiculous. This is a creative solution that I haven’t seen before and could be promising. However, are raw numbers the only thing we should be looking at? I can’t help but wonder what the implications of accelerating the college program would be. Extra programs could also potentially create more inequity and bias if this gets traction from ivy-league schools. Do you think extra programs and shaving off a year in college time would have more positives or negatives if it was implemented on a larger scale?

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    I love how you used a poem to serve as an article. Poems are so often under looked, but I think it is the most powerful way to get a message across. We need to change our ways, it’s the only way to safe our planet and everyone one it (including pandas!) I had a great time reading your poem, it is beautiful. I hope I get to read more of your work…[Read more]

  • Ronata commented on the post, Unite 8 months ago

    Mariely, I too think that women need to stand together to fight for issues that oppress us. We are often times viewed as inadequate and are not taken as seriously as men are in positions of power. Although throughout the last few decades or so the injustices women have faced seemed to have lowered, we are continuously patronized. I think you’d…[Read more]

  • Ronata commented on the post, Police Brutality 8 months ago

    I really enjoyed your post and I, like many, agree that African American men especially are targeted in the United States. It has become a huge problem these past few years and is a a growing systematic issue. A lot of police officers tend to dehumanize blacks and place them into a box. They are “dangerous threats.” Many other people of all…[Read more]

  • Stephen E. Wright wrote an article on how gun control laws will not save lives. In the argument, he claims that we should not limit gun purchases. Limiting an individual to one gun purchase a month will reduce

  • Ronata commented on the post, Racism in Courts 10 months ago

    I really enjoyed reading this Ella. I appreciate that you recognize that discrimination against black men is prevalent in American society. The story of the Central Park 5 shows the flaws of our government and how they place stereotypes on the minority simply because of the way that they look. Racism and discrimination do exist in this day and age…[Read more]

  • Issued in a 2017 Center for Disease   Prevention that 36,000 people died of gunshot wounds in 2015. In 2016 the number rose to 38,000, and in 2017 the number rose to 39,773 deaths. The numbers keep rising and the

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