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I remember poem

Brother the artist at seven

i wonder where this is?

he likes the community there

lots of imagery

I agree

suggesting that the town is diverse in race?

He likes Its history?

daniel has more expiernce with this hopefully he helps fonny in the future

Yes, I wonder what fonny thinks about this

maybe daniel doesnt like tish

Fonny really loves daniel

there was a lot of antisemitism during this time

They have a good lawyer

i agree

I wonder if this hurt tish feeling s

Fonnys relationship with tishs family changes often

baby causing alot of stress

society has changed a lot since then

was this book made before or after world war 2

familys were bigger back then

like i said earlier tish either hates or likes someone no one in the middle

fonny and tish are very similar they both always analyze things

she feels very safe with fonny

Their all in shock

Right?!?!?, Ive always been confused on that

what was fonny arrested for?

Tish really wants to get married

Yes i think there celebrating the baby

baldwin either hates or really likes someone no one in the middle

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