• RohitC21
  • As a bilingual teen, I have started to notice that at home, I speak both languages in a different manners. In english, I notice that I sound high-pitched and more mono-tone. However, in marathi, the language I speak at home, I notice the tone of my voice is very varied, and that I tend to speak sort of happier.

  • I agree with this post. As a teenager, I can confirm that I was definitely feeling lower than previous years. I thought I was alone through all of this, but talking with family and friends helped a lot towards hopefulness and optimism for the near future.

  • Hi Tawan,
    Thanks for bringing attention to this issue; I’m glad more people are still concerned about social distancing. In Michigan, the governor had to enforce a three-week lockdown because people weren’t taking the COVID-19 guidelines seriously, and it lead to cases growing exponentially. Hopefully this lockdown will help wane the rising cases…Read More

  • Thank you for bringing attention to this. I feel as if climate change is the biggest global problem besides COVID-19 at the moment. Time and time again people have shown evidence of the earth climate change, but nothing is done powerful enough to set the earth on the right track. You’re one of the only people to push this issue and show evidence…Read More



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