• Hey Brendon!
    I really enjoyed your post, It was very interesting and really made me think about American Cultures and Values. You used a great deal of real world examples and tied different arguments together and it fit really well. One opinion I have is that the American Dream is not dead and just merely slowed down. In the beginning of the 20th…[Read more]

  • Being an American means a lot of things, whether you were born here in the United States or immigrated and are an American citizen, you are an American. People are debating on the values and creed of American

    • Hi Rohan, I completely agree with your piece of writing. You tied your information together with certain parts of your book, and it flows really well together. I can relate to the correlation to realizing things after you read your book and it was very interesting reading your thoughts on different sections of your book.

  • First of all, great post! I loved your evidence and ideas. Your argument made me reconsider everything I knew about the electoral college. We were told at a young age to follow everything the government told us to do but I think that this is one of the main things that we should fight to get abolished. I also think that when the electoral college…[Read more]

  • America is one of the most diverse countries in the world and you cannot say that is has one belief or value. America can be described as a melting pot and is a mix of different cultures and lifestyles with

    • You talk about illegal immigration and one point in your essay. You make the argument that illegal immigration should not be aloud, but that legal immigration should continue. Do you know why illegal immigration happens in the first place? For starters, most illegal immigrants are not dangerous. In fact they are an important part to agricultural business. Illegal immigrants don’t want to go through the admission process that is required to get into the united states. Instead they enter illegally to work during the appropriate season and then go back to where they were from. Illegal immigration is responsible for much of our hard labor on farms. I am not saying that illegal immigration is good, but is it really as bad as it is made to seem?

  • Dear, Charmaine

    Your article was very unique and it had many aspects that I haven’t thought about before. Born in the United Stats, we take things for granted. For example; Freedom, Equality and the American dream. Americans as a whole can learn a lot from other countries, even though half of the country are past immigrants. I think people need…[Read more]

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