• Fernando Peña Lopez is my one and only brother. He is the older one since he was born first. He is twenty years old. Even though he is 3 years older than me we still get along. Our relationship isn’t perfect be

    • Dear Rodrigo,

      Your relationship with your brother is something I always wished I had with mine. My favorite part of your memoir was when you described your bond with him as “uña y mugre” because it’s such a powerful expression. I hope that the bond you have with your brother remains strong always and I also look forward to reading more of your work.

    • Dear Rodrigo Peña Lopez,

      I can see your relation ship is very strong. Not because you’ve explain it but because I’ve seen it. Your memoir was incredible to read and it really amazes me. One thing I really like you said was “I wouldn’t ask for a different brother because Nando is the best brother I’ll ever have”. This was a really strong phrase which proves your relationship with a your brother and how you guys can still connect even when you guys are seperated. I am looking forward to reading more of your memoirs. Peace dude ✌️🤙

    • Dear Rodrigo, I enjoyed reading your story about you and your brothers bond knowing your bond with your brother grew in the matter of time. knowing I dont have that kind of bond its really cool you have a close bond knowing its just you and him in your family.

    • Dear Roger,

      I liked your comic dude. I thought it was pretty cool to finally reunite with your family after not seeing them for years. One panel that stood out to me was the plane. I saw how much effort you into drawing it. It looks alright. I look forward to more comics from you.

    • Dear Rodrigo
      I really liked your comic book.It was very interesting and i also like how you mixed Family Dynamics and Love together it was a good mix and family should always have that mix with them. I really liked the part where you said ” Yea I Know all we need now is mom to be a happy family” being with your mom and dad is gonna really complete your story. I also liked the fact that you reunited with your family hope i get a chance to reunite with my parents as well. Thanks for writing hope to see what you plan to post in the future. Keep up with the posting its very unique.

  • Dear Luis
    I was surprised because you wake up at 5 in the morning. I’m still sleeping at that time. Now I see why you always talk about the gym because you are addicted as hell.

  • Dear Octavio
    Sometimes I feel the same way as you. I don’t feel like getting up to do hw or to go to school. Your poem is cool. I leaned a lot about you.

  • Four years old

    Dad was teaching my brother and I how to play soccer

    Dad has always played soccer

    His whole family played soccer

    Now we are the new generation

    We have to keep the tradition going

    • Dear Rodrigo, this poem is well written and shows how he first go into the sport of soccer…really enjoyed..

    • Dear Roger,

      I was surprised with your post. I found it really interesting and learned more about why you play soccer. I now understand why you keep playing in the team even though you guys have won 0 games. Keep up the good work. I want to see my school on the podium with a big trophy.

    • Dear Rodrigo, I really enjoyed reading your poem on why you are athletic as hell and I thought it was a nice way how you connected soccer to your family, and how it made you become who you are.

    • Dear Rodrigo,

      I am amazed by your poem, I think that you have a real passion for soccer, and really take it seriously when it comes to winning or losing. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “Has helped me to become who I am today I will always appreciate my dad For teaching me about soccer For me, Soccer is the best sport.” I really like this line because your dad really helped you find something that you really like. Although he taught you not knowing whether you’d actually like it, it helped you develop a really strong relationship with soccer. I think that it is very important to have a passion for a sport that you really like and soccer is your thing you are an amazing player in the field. Another sentence that I liked was, “I like it because it gets really intense I don’t like losing When I do I get really mad at myself But when my team wins I get really happy My love for this sport is unexplainable.” It does get really intense when you are playing and the whole team looks at you. Everyone has a different view on things, but I think that you take soccer serious and you really do like winning because when you win you like to celebrate, though sometimes even when you lose. It is good though that you always keep your head up and love the sport. I agree that it is a sport that it is a really good sport, and that you grew in to it to become a really good player.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I really like how you are able to connect things to back in your life.

    • Dear Rodrigo, I am amazed by your poem. As you do, I do too have a passion for soccer and take games seriously because for me the final scored determines who I am as a player and makes me mad when my team looses because I know I wasn’t good enough for the team. A few of the lines that really stood out to me was the following… ” Dad has always played soccer. His whole family played soccer. Now we are the new generation,
      We have to keep the tradition going on. We are not force to, But we love soccer.” I really like this sentence because it showed the love you have towards your father and towards the things that he taught you and your brother. Although, some people do not like the traditions of their families, you loved soccer in which is a tradition and is something that really fulfills you with joy. I do think you are really good at soccer and I think you can follow through this career if you wanted to. You have the skill, the dedication and the heart to do so. With this been said, me despido. Ahite vez peble.

  • Dear Jessika,

    Something that stood out to me was that you said that not a lot of Jessika’s have a K in their name. It stood out to me because that’s true. You are the only Jessika that I know that has a K, but to me that’s cool.

  • Rodrigo Pena Lopez was the name I was given when I was born. Even though my birth certificate has my two last names I only like using Pena because it’s shorter and in Mexico my whole family goes by the word

    • Hi Rodrigo, I really admire the act that you mention your dad and how you look up yo him. I really liked your memoir because you refer as yourself in a very positive way.

    • Dear Rodrigo,
      I really enjoyed reading your memoir. A line that stood out to me from your memoir was “My dads struggle was being able to leave his family for 8 years to be able to support our family” (Pena). This stood out to me because you really recognize how much your father has done for you and your family and thus you step into this new level of empathy for what he had to do in order to support and be there for your family. Not only that but you take pride in the last name he handed to you. Thank you so much for sharing this piece of writing. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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